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Chap. 8. An Expofition upon theBook of J OB. Verf. 3. Chapter. I (hall not flay upon it here, but' only as it refpe&s the paint-in hand, and fo there are three interpretations of that title Shaddai rota obfervable. robuJ1Gr I. It notes Godall- fuflïcient todo what he pleafeth, or to ef- fu Pienten ad fea wh;t he defigneth : ifhe gives dire ionfor any judgement to ommalerpét'd- be executed, he is Shaddai, it (hall be done. As he is El, a power- ui exruuo. ful Judge to give fentence, fo he is Shaddai, an Almighty God to Tux efac'enda execute the fentence : there is-no refitting his power, no getting iudùaverit: out ofhis hands; his'natm is Shitddai aliqui ínèrrant on Secondly, The'word ,iignìfies' one mho bath all abundance >p lent ,y injveyt. 121ij,vertuat re- andfullneJs in himfelf; as alto, whofè power, goodnefs and boun- berrimu.r,oéu r ty, flow out to the fupply of others, himfelf having no need danrem copio_ to receive from anyother. He is a fountain of all for all : hence fum,eujus vir- Shaddai cannot but dojuflice ; he that hath abundance in himfelf tus,ie,per o :- needs not take bribes to pervert jufli.ce, Needy judges are often çè- rriapermeat et vetoes Judges -; they who have not afulnefr oftheir own, are under rajas uberibua a great temptation towrongothers,tojupplytheir wants.But he that bontrrte gives to all, needs not -receive from any. This conlidcration °mnta nrur fitsGod infinitely above one of the fron eff temptations to in- nuritius g p qui nutrias in- jüfliCC.. diget,qui bono- a Thirdly,T1 e word Shaddai, is rendred, The maker ofall things. rum uoffrorum Will theAlmighty,the maker ofall things,who hath let the world :1411a, rnpidate infuch an exquifite forme and order, who hath given fo much 1 erur. beauty to the creature ; will he put things out oforder,ordo fuch óráTdjx adeformed a l as this,pervertjreftice ? he that is the maker of all vorloas. Sept, things, and hathmade them in number,weight andmeafurc, will °dji5expti. he.turn the world up-fide down, or make confution in the world'? `°n`' q"` run. it is not poflible he fhould. naturas rerum So then5the name Shaddai, in thefe three ffenfes,rs aptly applyed ordine eq i. to God, in oppofition to the perverting of jufiice. As Abraham rate ron,lituit, debates the matter with-him (Gen.- i 8. 25.) Shall rio: the rod e is in to afi. ofall the earth do right ? It is itnpoflible for God Who judged- all i Jlumell °nog men,-to do an aft of injuftice unto any Man. He that júdgeth all fubverret, can doinjuftice tonone. God takes no advantage to be unjuf}, becaufe none can call him to account for injuflice. They fhould be furtheft from doing wrong, who need not fear any 'appeal from t hem, .or complaint againft them, ifthey 'do wrong. The Judge of the wholeearth hath none to judge him.He will do right to all, who cannot be judged by any. Further, Confider thofe two words .judgcmcnt and lul-ice, C 2 Judgement II