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Chap. 9. An Expoftion upon the Bookcf J Ò B. serf 5.` 173 and greater power ofGod to remove inward,than it is to remove outward mountains,lfà.4o.4.The Prophet fore-hewing the corn- ing of Chris}, and the fending of the Baptitf to prepare his way, tells us, Every mountain andhill (hall be made lam. Chrill did not ,throw down the outward power of men, who withilood him ; he let Herod and Pilate prevail; but mountains and hills of fin and unbeliefin the foul, which made his paffage into them impailible, lieoverthrew, Theft mountains ofhigh proud thoughts,the Apo - file defcribes ( 2 Cori o. I4..) Casting down imaginations,arrdevery high thing, and bringing into captivity every thought (every moun- tainous thought) to the obedience of Chrift. . These are metaphorical mountains, the power offinfull men frnonres narrf_ without us; and the power of fin, the pride ofour own- hearts r,rftagenera withi us.It is a mighty workof God to remove thefe mountains. bdesfout But thefe are not proper to the Text for the intlances which rorrupribiles, follow, being all given in natural things tbew,that thefe here in- add zrDnepar- tended are natural mountains. trurnbeneran_ tur,¿ detrafli: Taking mountains for earthly,materialmountains, it is doubted one prawn how the Lord removes them. rorrum¡;uncttr, There are different opinions about the point. Some underfland ; it ofa natural motion. * f Philofo hers di uting about mountains Caj, P P b 131ir.rrè ion. and hills, conclude that they are fubjefl to generation and cor- durate¡l,f! quas ruption;by the addition ofmany parts they are generated, that is, terra! parses, . kneaded or gathered together, and become one huge heap of gonturo,1 h b¡. earth ; and by the detraction falling and crumbling off, or taking mr,wnccuprbat, . awayof these parts, they are removed again. Thus we may ex- et qux NUM' pound that (Job 14.18..) Andfitrely the mountain falling cometh peiaaus fune, . to nought alien habitabon_' Yet this cannot be the meaning of Job here. For though we etr Intel mpos grant that doerrine of the Philpfo hers that there is a generation p,:r P ,. ell invirarn ofmountains, and fo a corruption of them, yet that corruption is cony utari, Ib infenfible, that it cannot be put among thole works of God, ser,.b.1.Y7. which raise up the naine ofhisglorious power.* That arbich falls tin irvi mßa not under ob ervation,cannot cat e admiration.Slow and imp e ce ti- f f Ì' etfeQrì,mortti hie motions mare (mall impreffons either upon the fancy or under- um remotions - ftanding, , re fe præbet That here fpoken of, is quick andviolent, and by its eafie re- z'a1demirabi- refentation to the eye, caufeth wonder and al-Ionithmentin the lee rum tie P Y ferefi.r,yuisartt) beholders, remvine tt, And fo itimports a removeing them by fume violent motion, Pined,. Thus