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174 Chap, .9. An Expoftion t pon the Baot{ofJ O ?.`, Verf: 5.. Thus the Lord is able to remove, and bath removed mountains, fomctihtes by earthquakes : fònnetimes by i.Norms and Tetnpeas, fomntin;e thole mighty bulwarksare battered,with thunder -balls difcliár-ged from the (Pfal. 97 5.) The hills melted like wax attbe'prrfenceofthe.Lord. Hills melt down when kappears as a confirming lire (Pfal.io4.32.) He looks upon the earth and it trem- bleth, and he toucheth tho bills, and theyfmoak; Tholc rocky moun- tains are as ready to take fire, as tinder or touch-wood, if but a fparkofGods anger fall upon them. a call ofhis ,.ye (as wemay Cpeak) cancall the earth intoan ague -fit,he makes it lhake and'move,tremble with a look ; he bya. touch ofhis mighty arm, hurls mountains.which way hepleafeth, as a man doth a Tennis- ball. We read (Ifa. 64. i.) Hon, earneftly the Prophetprayer, 0 that the heavensandcome down,that the mountains might flow down at thyprefence: Where he is conceived to allude to Gods coming down upon mount Sinaiat thegiving ofthe Law, Exod. 3 9. which is laid, To melt frombefore the LordGodofIfrael,Judg. 5.3.Some underfland it ofthat dayofChriil,when he fhall come to judge theworld ;others of that day when Chrift came in the Beth to Pave the world ; then the mountains were levell'd according to the preachingof the Baptiti ; but rather, the Prophet being affe- fed with the calamitous condition , which he fore-law- the Jews falling into,e itreats the Lord to put forth himfelfinCome notable works ofhis providences,which fhould as clearly manifeft his pre-- Fence, as ifthey law the.heavens (fpeaking as of lolid bodies)rent- ing, and God vifibly coining down ; then, thole` difficulties which lay in the way of their deliverance, and looked like 'huge mountains of Iron, or ofAdamant, would prefently diffolve like wax, or ice before the Sun or fire. The prophet Micah de- fcribes the effeas of Gods power in the fame hile (Chap. j. 3, 4.) Behold the Lordcorneth forthout ofNo' place,andwill come down and Exquo et hoc treadupon the highplaces 'of the tarth,and the mountainsfhall bemol- loconon abtur_ ten under him,and the valleys(hall be cleft: as wax before the fire,and de coligitur j as the waters that arepoureddown a Jleepplace.So,to remove moan-' e peoverbt- tains is ufèd proverbially, Job 58. 4. Sh, ll the earthbeforfaken for um adfrnnifï- thee,or(hall the rockbe removedout of hisplace ; that is (hall God card eiaxi work wonders !for thee ?. Or God will alter the 'courte mamfoot¡, Leo , eanveáretert of nature, as loon as the court of his providence. To fa ,G,aÍ pe,enrian, can remove mountains, is as muchas to fay, -he hath powe/Wo -. told. what he will : and the reafon is, becaufe mountains are;excecin great