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176 Chap. 9. An ,Expoft,tion upon the BoolZof j OB. VerC gg mighty inJtrength ;Why? He is able to remove mountains. Obferve from hence, Fasts(, That theLord if hepleafth can alter and remove the parts of the earth, and change the frame andfabrtck cfnature. He that made the mountains unmoveable to us, can himfelfre- move them. The Histories and Records of former times tell us how God hath miraculoufly tolled mountains out of their places. Mont in Bur- yofepbus in his ninth book ofAnti uities ca r r .mentions the re- gundioa prox Q p im, woe de- moving ofa mountain ; and Pliny in the eight bookof his natu- hifrens,vallejq; rali Hiftory, Cap. 3d. A later writer reports, that in Burgundy in proximas co- the year, 123o. there were mountains feen moving, which over-. °ramps, multa threwmany houles, to the great terrour of all the inhabitants of thole countries. Jofephus alfo reports the Iike done by an earth- mti/is o re - 0.84e. quake. And another tells us of Mount Offa joyned to Olympus by vveinerus in àia earth-quake. So that take it in the letter, the Lord is able to jafci id remove mountains. Jofcphus'Ant. It thouid make us fear before theLord,and give himglory while 1. g Y VideSenecam, we remember that even the outward frameofthe world,is fubjef# J. s. e. iç. et i. to fudden changes ; there is nomountain, no rock, but the little &c. Nstur. finger of God can move or pull it down. As David fpake of his plium Not. metaphorical! mountain, hi§ great outward eftate. Lord, thou tl g c hadfmade itftandftrongyet thou didit hide away thyface, andI was Cum inagro troubled, Pfal 30. 6. his mountain began to (hake, and became a Mainen/rmon- very mole-hill, ufelefs to him, when God was difpleafed. If the sduo inserfe Lord with-draw himfelf fromour civil mountains, we are trou- s,rru maxi_ bled, and ifhe touch the natural mountains they are troubled. noau'+enter, Our mountains will slip like Rams, and the little hills like Lambs, &c. Eo concur- (Pfal. 114.. 4. ) when he is difpleafed. I" vac ommes Secondly, obferve, That thepower ofGod-is-made v'fible to us in rtifefun;,&rc rho .changes which he works in the creature, as wellas in the canftitu- tion ofthe creature. The power of God made the mountains and created the hills ; the fame power removes 'noun tains,and turns them upfide down. It arguesas great apower to deftroy the worldas ro fettle the world. As theA filc (hews what divinity theGentilesmight have learned in that great bookofthe worlds creation (Rom.r .2o.) The envi- fìble things ofhimfrom the creation oftheworldare clearlyfeen,being underftood by the things which are made, even his eternall power and God-head; fo we may fayon theotherfïde,Tbe invifible things of bimfrom the confufionr whirls are in the world, are clearlyfeen ; or they