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Chap.9. An Expofition upon the Book;of J p B. VcrC5.- r55 great and weighty bódies mountains arc firmly Eckel ; now, to removea thing, which is mighty in bulk, and fironglyfounded,is an argument of greateft firength: The liability. of the Chinch is compared tó the liability of mouutairis lPfal. o 25.1.2hey that trufl in the Lordfhall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but ftandeth fall.for ever. The righteouflier's ofGod is cotnpared,to a great mountain (Pfal.36. 6.) becaufe his righteoufnefs is firm and,unmoveable, Thy righteooe fnefs e,thegreat ;mountains, or the mountains ofGod. And (Pfal. 9.6 2.) the doing ofthe great- e t things;aiiad thè Making- of the greateft changes that poflibly can happen in any Nation, or in the whole world, are expreft by IfL th the retífoving of mountains, Though the earth be removed, and mountains, though the mountains bé carried into the midJl of the Sea, yet will we not fear, &c. That is,,.things wbiçhcarry the. greateltirrepo1ii. bility to bé done,or which áre feldomefr,tó be clone; (hall be done, before`we will do this. As mcii,' when they would thew how far they are from fubrnitting to fuch a thing,fay,We will die firlt, &c. So here, Who, we fear ? .No, mountains ¡hall be removed brit. Be breaths out the highelt confidence ofthe Church, in tbe.low eft`,' not only ofher.prefent, but pollìble dangers.: As faith can re- prefeiat`tdOs better thng then. any i s emir we enjoy,to raife,our joy: fo itcan reprefent to us worfe things(and put us harder cafes)then airy we fcekand yet carry us above fear. A faith removingmaun- tains, is puf for the ítrongefi faith, Though I bad all faith, fo that Icould remove mountains (i Cori3.2 ;) that is, though I had the firongefi faith, the faith ofmiracles. When Chriil (Mxt, 2L. 21.) would fhew to the utinoft what faith can do, he faith, Ifye havefaith anddoubt notye¡hall not only do this which is done to the fig-tree, but alfo,ifye fhallfay to this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou calf into thefea, and it(hall be done. As if he had ftid, if you. have faith, yemay do the greateft things imaginable or deai-rabic, ye (hall remove mountains. A mountain; is; by the nicer power of-a creature. Faith takes that in hand, bccaufc faith. ads in the power Of the Creatour. And . as the faith of man re moving mountains, notes a faith ofmiracles; fò the, power of God removing mountains,notes a miraculous power., .So then, täking this fpeech either tarr.the r.aaoving,of xasçtr7l mountains,or taking it proverbially, ás.ít.üoterh the doing the gr4teft things, and putting forth of the greaten power, it pro- y.e the point, which job bath here in hand, viz That God. is mighty.