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Chap. 9. An Expof tton upon the 1.3ookof J O L. ve 183 mountains, fotne great parts of the eat th,but ifhe he can take up the whole earth, and throw i t out of its place, as a man would take up alittleball, and throw it into the air, Pte%h4eJ the earth ant of her place. The word Which we tranllate tofh2ke, fgnifiLs a violent mot i- n gn on of-the ntìnde, caufed either by fear ( Deut. 2. 25. ). or grief martini natura ( 2 Sam.t 8.33. ) We read ofa trembling heart from both (Dent. lee, fed com. - " 28.25.)It is alto applied to civili shakings and commotions by then em trotibleidme fpirits of men ( Prov. 30. 21. ) For three things the ñetu a ex earth is di üieted. And to unnaturail fhaki.ri s of the earth by the Í9 g by tonem, ne- t.ováer'of'Gad ( 2 .Sain.22.8, &c.) So in the text. morem, Some expound this ofa natural .motion.Thofe men have (litre- Disace« Alu_ 1 a motion us ntf.T slat hunc y) and turning in their brains, who tell that there is P j [Et. +i f(l ufL Ye1YY' a coiti!.uedrrìotioncifthe earth,tiìat'it turns and never hands frill, e Jett they would ground themotion of the earth upon this Scripture, tentiaPyth go- tranllati!!g thus, Which moveth tin earth in her place. But the text nc rum,ex,Iii- tells us, that the earth hashpillars, and not wheels. Pillars are °atrium ter made for re(t, not for motion. rcint moveri i at;rajua, Further, This text fpeaks of it,as ofan aft of Gods anger,tizere fore no ordiííáry a& appointed in 'nature , and the wordnotes a violent notion, not a natural. But we need not hand`to`refute this motion. As when fbine denied all motion,' Philofopher to prove it, role up and walked : So when any affirm or give reafon for this motion, we may thew their fenfes that the earth hands. This shaking then is extraordinary-, the Lord who made the earth firth uponpillars,can make the earth move, as if it went on wheels. This he doth, firtt,by earthquakes, theft (hake the earth `as it were).out of her place, and make it tremble. Hitiorics are full, and many wens experience can give inflances of fuch terrible fhákin s ofthe earth: This earthquake is not meant here, for there is a rea- fon in nature for that.Philofophers difpute much about it,and toil us, when there isa thongvapour included or imprifoned in the bowels of the earth,that vapour Peeking vent nmaketh a combulli- on there, and fo the earth (hakes. This,'indeed, rheas the migh- ty power of God, but it is in a naturali way, whereas the text Items to imply fomewhat more, fomewhat beyond the learning of Philofophers and Naturalists. Betides, the text faith, He