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8a Chap. 9. An ExPof-ttion upon the Bookof j g B. Verf. 6. enemies encompaft him roundabout what- then ? Then the earth Tanta extitit fookand trembled, thefoundations of the hilt were moved andwere aitin2lr c xH (t becaufehe was wrath ( l'làl. r 8.7.)- Tilat,God,lnight refèue: David`' Davidout of the hand of trouble, he troubled the foundations of ront:a hones cefen,khdo, ur the earth ; he made the world Ihake and Kingdoms tremble, that i.'idebarar.a his David might be fetled uponhis throne. The Lord threatneth Fern ïnter;ere, (Hag.2.6.)that hewillfhakç the heaven and the earth,and thefea and ect'ta mtfere. the dy land; he will move all creatures, why fo ? He (hakes them &cs Pined* for the fetling ofhis Zion (verfe. 7,) I will(hake all Nations,, and the defre ofall Nationsfhall come,and I willfill this hoofe with glory, faith the Lord of h ,t }r. When the Lord comes againit the fuperfli- tion, and idolatry, and profànenefs, and wick4dneffes of the world in anger, no wonderif kingdomes (hake : yea, he therefore Makes king'domes,that he may efablifh Jerufalema gatiet habitati- on,a tabernacle thatfhall not be taken eíoivn;tiot ontofthehakes there - of(hall ever be removed,neither(hall anyofth^e eords thereofbe brok en,lfa.33.2e). We are waiting when God will /hake Babylon, and in his anger overturn the feven mountains thereo£ñabyloe; is built upon mountains, upon feven mountains, to note the firength and power of it, yet the Lord will remove Babylon, out of' her place, and overturn thofe mountains in the fiercencfs of his anger, and in jealoufie poured out, Then every I(land fhallflee away, and the mountainsPall not befound, Rev. 16.2o. That is,the remoter and iirongeft places which owned and maintained Babylon,ihall either be converted or confounded,they (hall appear nomore under that ix>iriruoll notion, though in a naturall and civili they doe remain. ;that which is not as it was, itfpoken of,as if it were not : A great change in oar condition, is called a change ofour very being. The anger of God overturns things, as if it did annihilate them. yob goes on. Verte 6.Wbichfhakes the earth out ofher place,andthe pillars there- of tremble. This is the fecond initance,but in higher expreilions of the Came power of God. vvw vm' Tlrhichfhakes the earthout ofher place. e'pavcv ex s_ e. He had laid before, Gol removeth mountains. Mountains are terrernuniver- great bulky bodies,but nomountain is fo great as. theGlobe of the fxvi Sept, whole earth. Now ( faith he ) the Lord Both not only (hake mountains,