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Chap. 2. An Expofi°tion upon tbeBoek of J OB. Andthepillars thereof tremble. Wehave thepillars ofheaven, Chap. 26. I I. here of the earth. Thepillars. "ICY The word in the originalfignifies to fiand upright, to be erect, Cotumnoeret7a, becaufe pillars do fo. There are two forts ofpillar5, upon which Mande diffa, there is a different interpretation of the word. There are, firth, Supportingpillars. And Secondly, Supportedpillars. Or there arepillars for ornament andpillarsforftrength. We fit up pillars or pinacles upon the tops of great buildings for ornament, and theyarefupported pil- lars.We.may call mountains fuch pillars: for, as when Tome (late- ly palace is built, great pillars or pinacles are let upon the tow- ers and battlements: fo the Lord having framed the earth,hath let up mountains, asgreat pillarsfor the adorning of it, He 'hake& the tarth,and thepillars thereoftremble,it is true of thefe uppêr pil- Iars,the mountains they trernble.But I take it rather tobe meant of fupporting pillars, under-pillars, which bear the frame above,and are as the bates or under -props of the earth (Pfal. I o5..)Who laid the foundation ofthe earth ; the earth hath a foundation ; the He- brew is, Fie bath foundedthe earth upon her Bafis, alluding to a building. Molt buildings have their foundations in the earth ; but force upon it, being railed uponpillars. So Hannah (I. Sam.a. S.) in her Song, thepillars ofthe earth are the Lords, andhe bathJèt the worldupon them. What are thefepillars that the Lord hath let the world upon ? or where (hall we find them I David thews us (Pfal. 24.1,2.) The earth is the Lords and the fulnefs thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein for he bath founde it upon the feas, andeftablifhed it upon the fonds. It is fìrange at pillarsofliquid water thould bear up the rna[lìeearth, the earth fears rather to be the pillar and foundation of the wa- ters. Some interpret (fuper) which liignifies, upon, by prope or juxta,near,he hath founded it upon the feas,that is,he bath found- ed it by,ornear the feas. But take it in the letter,and it is a truth: for the fea is as much the pillar of the earth,as the earth is the pil- larof the fea,; earth and fea being a globe and round, theSa is as much under the earth,as the earth is under the fea.Thus the pillars oftheearth are waters, And the earth x efiablifhed upon the floods. Bb Further, Verf. 6. 185