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i86 Chap. 9. Art'Expofition upon the BookofJ O B. Verf. Further, If you would knowwhat thefe pillars are, hear what job faith, (Chap.26.7.) where he affures us that God hangeth. the 'earth upon nothing. Weare not to think that the Lord in framing and building the earth did iirt fet uppillars,and then fet the earth upon them, for the earth hangeth as a ball in the mida of the air, without any pillars under it. Hence job's Philofophy teaches us, That' he hangeth the earth uponnothing; there are no material or vifible pillars to Pullain it what is then.the pillar oftheearth '> What is it that fupports 'andbears it up ? The reallpillaro f the earth is the power of God.But the power of God cannot tremble ? how then Both he fay, When he fhakeetb the earth, thepillars thereoftremble? In this place therefore wemay expound the pillars of the earth, rove rotary? for the lower parts ofthe earth, 'andfo, though-the whole globe st¢{in fïmas ter- of theearth taken together be neither higher nor lower,yet in the seepotter fig- parts of it from any point, fome are higher, and"fome are lower, ecant,2uae forne above and force beneath ; upon whatfuperficies foever we .. ;clip= torte are theunder parts thereof. are (to us) thepillars of the earth.. snolem imp - So theMeaning is, Ile. haketh the earth ont of her place,andthe pel taii fUf:iilent ; 6 ibec ¡rantvelu- ïa; r the,e,f tremble; that is, he tiaketh it,'fo terribly,th tif had aifundamenta any outward vifible pillars, thole pillars muff needs tremble. etfulcra terras. In this we may obferve the great power of God in upholding theearth. We fee what the pillars of the earth are, the fuppofed . opaF'o her- pillars are no other then the lower parts of the earth;and the true rafirma et im- pillar of the earth-ism) other but the power ofGod there areno snotaronflit? ' p yuirinampro ot, er buttrel%s or pillars upon which isfet,or by which v1is,uloha> itisfutained ; this huge weightof the wholeearth and feas, is bet? cuju, rei borne up by the thin air. Is not thisan argument ofthe mighty odreÑvculojut: power ofGod, that the air which is a body fo weak, that if you æítur?ratfoni throw a feather up into. it it will not to there, but defcend, yet' tr lil occurs p y cut inniratur, the whole ma's or globe ofthe earth and waters hang-the c?God fidivinamvo- poifeth it meerly by its ownweight:Foráheweighed themountains' dunraren exec. in Jcales,andthe hills in ballances,Ifa.g.o.I 2.He upholds all things_ pert;.Greg. Nazanzürr. the word of his power, And loath built this great Caftle in 34 the air.C©uld we enter into the fecrets ofnature, andPet our faith Buis li` Q7 :3 awork byour fenfes about thefe things,we fhould be raifedabove ponderibusfrxa all fear in the greateft difficulties. It we law but a bullet, or a 3WICS. er piece of leadofa pound , yea ofa penny weight, lifted up and l:ang in the air without any thing to fupport it; we would con. elude it a miracle. What think you when-all thelead, and iron, . and