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Chap.$; An Expofition upon the Bookaf j O B. VerC3. word pleated them. They were more pleated with receiving re- wards, then with doing right. The Lord is above all gifts, he is ,Sshaddai, he hath all in himfèlf, and needs not that any (hould give unto him; and he tels them expreily (Ezek.7.i9.) that theirfil- ver and their goldfhallnot be able to deliver them in the day ofhia wrath ; offer thoulands offlyer and gold, he will not ftayjudge- ment a minute for it,Prov.i i.4.Richesprofit not in the dayofwrath; In the dayof mans wrath they fometimes will, but never in the day ofGods. Thirdly, flffeciion and neernefr of relation pervert judgement. Many have clean hands,free from bribes, and flout hearts free from fears, yet they are overcome with affection and relätions;thef put out the eye of juftice. The Lord is above all relations. As ho com- mands us inour cleaving unto Chrilt , not to know father or mo- ther , Yea to hate Father andmot her ,wife, ôcc. (and thofe arc nee- Etiamfi fuife nil to us ) that we may keep cloíe unto Chrift : So himfelf doth Irconii mib, not know, the neerePt relation, to pervert judgement or do wrong r1'3Yipmtu, b rue rntemper tr3 in tav.ur!,tit.Heuce he faithofCniah (7er.22.24.)ZhoughConiab tir ferrem. be as Ile j gnet uponmy right hand, yet roil I pluck him thence ; Jun. Let him plead neernefs ras men do, fuch aman is of your bloudór aF, mce,l?.y fpare him) God will not fpare the fignet on his right hand, that is, he will not flop juftice upon any pretence ofneer- nefs or ulèfulnefs. 5. God is exaa. (take them diftinfaly) both injudgement and injuftice. He isas curious in fearching out thecaufe, as in fenten- cmg the perlon. As ready to acquit the innocent, as to condemn the guilty : as careful to relieve the oppreffed,as to chaften the op- pre(four : as * zealous in rewarding thole who deferve well , as K pervertiritxt, in punilhing thofe who do evil.Not to reward is as great injuflice, qfi oboe;per_ as not topunifh. What God bath promit'ed fhall be performed,and verrir iuliiri what he threatens (hall be infliaed. He will neither difcourage om, quinanre.. goodnefs by neglecting it, nor encourage fin by winking at it. He iullo hath bread inone hand, and a fword in the other. rum bonaopt. Thus we fee, the Lord is molt exaC;: injuflice (Pfal.48, i o. ;The ra. Oeuf. right band of the Lord isfull of rtghteoufnefr. His power and might are his right hand , and that right hand hath nothing but righte. oufnefs in it. Fewmen come to that ofL2ban, It it in the power of mine hand to do thee hurt, but I will not: molt do as much hurt as is in their power. Godhath all power in his hand, but he wrongs no man. As none have now any caufe to fay,that they have recei- D Yeti