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1 "Chap. 8. AnExpofition upon the BookofJO$, -Vert: 3, hearkened-unto the voyce ofthy wife,therefore, &c. 3. God proceeds by theevidence of the Law, as well as by the evidence of the fa6t ; and this alto fetsforth the exa6tnefs of his judgement : There two things make judgement perfea ; youmuff not only have the evidenceof the faa, that fuch a thing is'2lone, but you muff have the evidence ofthe Law condemning filch a deed. Though God himfelf be an everlaffing Law, and he may judge all from hisown breaft;yet hehath givenout a Law, which gives the knowledge of fin. It is Paid, Rom. 2. They that have finned without theLaw,Jhallperifhwithout theLaw,as iffome fhould be judged without Law : but he means without a Law formally publifhed, not materially enaEted. For he (peaks of the Gentiles, who were not within the hearingof Mount Sinai, and had not feen that formalityofa Lawwritten in tables offtone;yet they had a Law written in their hearts ; they that have not heard the Law publifhed or feen it written in a Book,{hall be judged by the Law written in their hearts, their confcience bearing them witnefs, -and their thoughts accufing,or elfe excufing one another. 4. God is impartial in giving judgement. He doth not hike one and fpare another, who is under the fame condemnation ; no- thing can Tway or bias him,nothing canpreponderate the balance of juftice in his hand;you cannot put in any confideration to fway his beam, belìdethe right. There are three things which ufually caufe men to pervert jut- Mee the Lord is free from them all. i . Fear ofgreatnefr. Some woulddoe juftice, but they dare not, the bufinefa concerns agreat man, and to dò juftice upon fich,is, To take a Bear by the tooth (as we fay) or toplaywith the paw ofa Lyon. Now the Lord is not turnedaway for fear, nor defers he juftice for any mans big looks, The day ofthe Lord (faith the Pro- phet, IJà: 2.)Jhalbe againfi the high Oak. He is El-Shaddai, the All-mighty, the all-powerful God,and therefore cares not for the might or power ofman. 2. Hope of reward, that's another thing which caufeth many to pervert judgment. With'fome their hope is ftronger then their tear : They care not for the greatnefs .1ofinen, but they hope for gain. A bribe taken or promifed clogs and obftruCts the courfe of Office (Hof. 4. i 4. ) Her Rulers withfhame do love, Give ye ; the Hebrew is, Fierfhields, Magifrates íhould`be as fhields to the peo- ple to protect them, but what did they? They love, Give ye, that word