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C,hap.8. An Expofition upon the B00%of J B. VerCg.. julice on earth, in a time when there is fo much cryingout for wercy from heaven ! That in fuck a time when the judgements of God are upon our felves, we fhould not learn righteoufnefs to ad it amongour felves ! I amperfwaded the-Swordofmarre had been rutting in it's (heath to this day , if the Sword ofjnftice had been uled as it ought,both to punifh offenders, andproteo the ín- nocent.And when the (word ofjuftice fhall be bothwayes imploy- ed, I doubt not but the (word of war fhall be theathed again, and imployed no more, but be beaten intoplow(hares, andour (pears into pruning hooks. Keepyejudgement ( faith the Lord by his Pro- phet, Ifa.56.i .) for my falvation is veer tocome,andmy righteoufnefs to be revealed. God hathdone terrible things in righteoufnefs a- mong us, and we hope he will do comfortable things in righteoul. nefs among us : feeing the righteous deftruoions of God have been upon us, and his righteous falvations (we hope) are veer us, lec not our righteoufnefs be far off. JOB Cap. 8. Verf. 4, 5, 6, 7. If thy children havefinnedagaint him, and he have caft them awayfor their tranfgrejfion. If thou wouldeft feelunto Godbetimes, andmake thy/up- plication to theAlmighty. If thou wert pure anduprig ht , furely now he would awakç for thee, andmake the habitation ofthy righteoufnefs profperow. Though thy beginning wasfinall, yet thy latter endfhould greatly encreafe. THefe four verles contain the first confirmation of the former general potation, That Ged it juff ; which is refolved out of thofeQueftions,DothGodpervertjudgemext ? or doib the Almighty pervert jujtice ? He doth not. Then, God is jult, there's the Pofi- tion. And as that Pofition conffteth of two parts,fo allodoth this proof or confirmation ofit. r. That God doth not pervert judgement ( taking judgement under that ftrif,} notion for puni(hingof offenders) he proverb by D 2 die