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20 Chap.& An Expofitio.n ,upon the Bookof J O B. Verf4. the example ofjobs children , whom God punifhed becaufe of their tranfgreffion, as he conceived. > à. That God doth not pervert juftice (taking juftice under that firi&t anddiflina notion ofrewarding and relievingthe innocent) , he proveth by the readinefs of God to do yob good in cafe he fhould humblehimfelfand repent, in the fifth, firth, and feventh vertes. His argument for the former fray be thus conceived. He dothnot pervert judgement whopunifbeth Chafe who have' finnedagainfi him. But God bathpunifhedthy childrenfor-theirfin :. Therefore he doth notpervert judgement. His Argument for the latter may be thus formed. Ite doth not pervert jxfiice who if ready topity asfon as an offender humblyfeeks, fues,andfitbmits unto him. But God it ready to help theeafton as ever thou humblyfeekefl unto him: 7heref-re God doth notpervertjuflice. Thus you have the general fenfe ofthefe four verts, as argu- ments brought for proofofthe former point, that God doth not pervertyudgement or juflice: i íhall now open than dill zic`}ly. If thy children have finned againfi him. Theremay be a two-fold fen le givenof thefe words. Firfl, Thus : Although tlychildren have finnedagainfl him, and be bath calf them awayfor. their iniquity; yet, if thou wiltfeekunto hinc,he will do thee good. Which translation makes the feria more clear then ours, Ifthychildren have finnedagainJi him, 6 c. The one is a fuppofition ofwhat might be the other a conceffion of what was. Secondly, By wayofproportion, thus;, As thy Children havefin- , nedaga nfi him,fo he bath caft them awayfortheir tranfgrelion. And fo Bzldadargueth with job upon the fame principle that Eliphaz had done before, fcil. that his formes and himfelfhad exceedingly provoked God, and that thereforeGod hadant that judgement, and Iaid that heavy firoke upon them, If thy children,or,altbough thy children h.tve finned. 0.2lí! 011 Elgainff him.] That word is to be opened a little. The He- brew is, Havefinned to bim. Which is indifferently tranflated, either