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34 Chap.S. An Expofition upon the Book of 3 0 B. unclean , and get not out their fpots ; others think they wafh iu vain,becaufe,though clean,tkey cannot obtain their comforts.Thus David thought he had wafhed -in vain, I faid,Verily I have cleanfed mine heart in vain andwafhedmy ends in innocency, for I am ebaffened, &c. David by cleanfinggot the tin-fpots out as well as Penatum vo,- !Haft men, but hecould not get the afllidion fpots out , this was cater janflicat his temptation. Sinne is a bloc, a fpot,an undeannefs, a filthinefs; wundnie:,quod holinefs is purity , beauty, honour, light ; Things which have quamacidat° the greateft excellency and lufire , are but the fhadowes ofho- C,t infeliaerant abebontarpo_ . linefs y divíno There is a twofold purity Firft ' the purity ofour natures, eonfpefluindig- which is received at converfion. Secondly, the purity ofour con na, verfations, which is renewed by repentance ; we may underftand both, or either in thisplace. ?untoad (or And upright.) It is the word ufed in the fìrft verfe of the firft pertinet, ream Cha ter,Perfè6l and upright. Here pure and upright : we may thus adaflioner,gt diftiuguifh them:. purity referres th'outward acted holinefs , or dirtput- a de ref/so opera. holinefs of life , and uprightnefs to inward fì.ncerity , or holinefs DruE of the heart; and fo his marling is,ifthou wert pure in thy.wayes, and fìncere in thine ends ; if thy outward man, and inward man were waffled and reformed_, Then be mouldawtke,&c. Obferve hence, lïrtt, Holyperfims are fit for holy duties,andonly they. Sin is our feparation fromGod,and,holy duties areads ofcom- munion with him : howthenfhall finand duty Rand together ? Make thy f rpplioation, f ekunto God, but be thou pureand up- right. whát h-ave unholy perlons to doe about holy things? God cannot like the fervices ofthofe who are unlike him. Prayer puri- hes,yet purifying i iti be a preparative to prayer, Pfal. 66.18.. If I regard iniquity inmyheart (ifI lodge filthinefs there) God will not bear me; hé will not regard my prayer. The blind man law this truth, 74.9.3 i (it feems this was a received maxime among- them) God hearetb not(inners. We are commanded to pray,lifting up pure hands, i Tim. 2.8. An Heathen being at Sea in a great fform, and perceiving many wicked wretches with him in the fhiP, calling upon the gods, ©(faith he) forbearprayer, hold your tongues , Iwouldnot have thegods take notice thatyou are here,tbey Sitele (inquit) ,roil!furedrawn us all if they do. If an heathen by the light ofna- ne vat bit fen- could fay this, much more may we by the light ofScripture, tiunt, úunt,Braf. That God bèareth not finners,Ifa.a. Wbenyoufpread farth,your band .e Verf.6. ri.