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Chap,8. 1ln Expofittonupon the Bookof J® B. ' L:erG6. 33 have committed the famefins for matter ; and for degree alto (as fin is a tranfgrefflon of the Law) and thé one ofthefe may be found in heaven, and the Other in Hell-at the fail day. Yca .I be,: lieue, there are many in heaven, that have committed greater lins then Come thatare in Hell. It is not the matter offìnnecomumit- -- ted,but theobftinacy, itnpenitency,or unbeliefofthe finner,which bindes on the guilt, and teals up the fumer to judgements tempo- ral, and to condemnation eternal. Werfe 6. If thou wert pure and upright, he would awaken. fur thee, &c. &ildad counfelsJob to leekGod , yet he puts ina caution , If" thou wertpure and upright : As ifhe had Paid , I advife thee to feek unto God , and tomake thy fupplication to him; but take heedofdoing this with a purpofe to continue in thy finne, If thou wouldjffeekunto God,andmakis"thyrupplication tohim inpurity,and uprightnefr ofheart, He wouldawakenfor thee. Holy prayers awake God. Be holy, and thou flick be Pure ofaudience and acceptance when thouprayeft. In the former verfehe gave advice for theduty to be performed, here he gives advice in reference to the perfon who is to perform theduty. Thyduty is to leek unto God,and to make fupplicati- on to the Almighty , but look thine one heart be pure and up- right. Take heed ofcoming to a holyGod in thine unholinefs. Pure andupright.) The word fgnilieth to thine or glitter , as ÌZ vi glafs or crylall, noting, that the purity of our lives in holinefs durntitti 0tnsc hines as light, Mattb. 5. Let your light fo fhine before me,:. The ch:,071;; l works of the Saints fhould be clear as Cryftal. The word is u.fed CLam.4.7.) tofet forth theexafeft beauty, Her Nazaritc,r were purer then fnew, they were whiter then. mill;, they -were mure ruddy in body then rubies, their polifbingwets ofSaphyr. The Oil'(Levit. Shur in :i d 24.2) and the frankincenfe (Exec/. 30.4.) appointed for the Life mum, peliuri ofthe Sanctuary, are both thus,expreffed, pure oil, purefrankir.- dun cenfe,thìnitsg Oil,or fhining Frankincenfe ,tranfparentOifi&c.fich asyou may look;thorow, not obfcure o'r ;dark. The oyland t ,ait- ksnceisfe were a type'oftheir purity , who had communion with God in holy things. The fame word is ufed by David, complain- ingunder a temptation (Pfal.73.s 5.) of loft labour , or labour in vain in wafting hinnfelf. Some wath in vain, becatfe they arc hill ' unclean,