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6Chap.B. An Expofition upon the Bookof OB. VerC6. per as the entnpany changes ? That's the weaknefs offruful man; he cannot do fo , with whom there is no variablenefs nor fhadow ofehangirkg. God ispure and upright with theunclean andhypo. criticál, with the pure and upright, and his atioris thew him tobe fo.God thewes himfelffroward with the froward, when he deals with them,as he hath Paid he will deal with the froward; deny them, and reject them. God fhewes himfel£pure with.the pure, when he deals with them as he bath laid he will hear them and accept them.Though therebe nothing in purity and fincerity, which deferveth mercy , yet we cannot expect mercywithout them. Our comforts arenot grounded upon our graces , but our comforts are the fruits or confequents ofour graces. Bildad having ['hewed Jobhis duty., thews him a promife of mercy," If thou avert pure and upright, furely now he mould awake for thee. There is a three-fold gradation of mercy in this ,prò- wife. T. Awake for him. That God would Profper, or pacific his habitation. 3 Abundantly encreafe and multiplyhim in his latter end. The firfl ftep of mercy,is, That Godwouldawakefor bim. Surely now he would awake for thee.And there are three things, obfervaa ble about this, Firfi, The certaintyof it, in the word ( Surely) without. all' ¿oubt;or, peradventure if thou wouldeft thus leek to him , Ho ncould awake, Secondly , The fpecdinefs ofit ; Surely now he would awake, (Now) without delay or demur ; thou fhouldefl no fooner feels tc God, but finde an anfwer ofmercy from him. .Thirdly, Thebenefit ofit to Job,He would awakefor thee. For Job might fay, [may awaken a fleepie Lion to rife up againíl me; Godmay be angry withmy prayer,and inftead ofbleffing pour out fome further judgement upon me : No, faith Bildad, liaffure thee, if thou thus Leek tohim, He will awakefor thee, not againfl thee. God fometimes awakes againll us,ler.3 r.28.It(hall cowl to pair, that as. I have watched over them,topluckupand to breakdown, and to dejtroy,and to a liW,fo will I watçh over them to build and to plant, id the Lord. As the Lord would watch todo them a good nrtá ., fo he had watcht to do them (as we (peak) a . fhrewd turn,