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Chap.8. AnExpofition. upon the Book, of J O B. VcrC6. 37 turn. He threatens themwith fuch a watchfulnefs, Chap,44.27. brill watch over themfor evil,and.notfor good. When we are dull and fleepy in doing the-will ofGod, he will be watcl:fùl and active to afflict us. And when men cannot sleep till they do .evil , God will not ileeptill he brings evil. So Daniel, in theninth of that Pcophefìe and the i4 verf2, having humbled himfelf,before God in prayer and fatting, and confeffed the fins of the people , con- eludes, Therefore bath the Lordwatched upon the evil,andbrought it upon us. Godnot only awakes, but watches to do a people evil, who have long abufed his goodnefs ; as men in malicioufnefs of fpírit watch for advantages, and fpie out opportunities to revenge themfelves , All myfamiliars watchfor my halting, faith Jeremy , Chap. 0.1 ?. So the Lord in abundant holinefs and exa tnefs of juflice , though with a great deal ofwrath and feverity, watches to revenge himfelfofa wicked people. He takes all opportunities and advantages againft them, Thou haft watched evil,and brought it upon us. His love to a returning people is as,vigilant, as his aug: - againfi a backsliding people. Surely now be wouldawake for thee.. 'Awake.) The word fignifies both to awake,and to ariaTïaex are two interpretations of this awaking. Some take the words tianfitively, thus. He will awake goodfor thee. Not,of Jobawakening God by praycr,but ofGod awakening Suj"ria&itfu, profperity,;or ftirringup bleffings for Job. As if B.ildad had Laid, ranpa v, cci- Job,n'onr bleffings are (as it were)afleep,bat if thoupray, God will a- piton excirabit waken them ; He will flir up mercies for thee, he will cure thy broken fuperre,fc. bó' condition, he mill reflore that which isfallen, repair that which is rani- n;ua quod =le ned,andfetch thee up out ofthe grave of thydefmate offal .As a mans rrareJop t r o fpirits,gifts,yea graces,are fometime alleep and need awe.akening, fo e' alfo are, and do our outward comforts. It is frequent 'n Scripture ro call the repairing of a mans eftate, or the bringing ofgood to him, the railiing;ofhim up, He raifetb the poor out of the -duff ; he .awakens them out of-that- low condition. Job was in the diet; and his children in the grave: Godmade a refitrreCtion of both far. him. That's a good fenfe. Eut rather underftand it (as-our tranflation reads)ofGod ate i ling, Flo will awakefor thee. Ile will awake.) The Pfälmi(1 affures us (Pfa1. r 2z.á.,) He tb.zt i,eepcth Ifreel dhtb neither fernher nor floor. GA 'never Sleep- t-Yh