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V Chap.8. An : apofition upon the Book of J O B. csCG. young men ; then the Lord awakenedar one out offlesp, and like agi ant refrefhedwithwine, He fmote his enemiesin the hinderpartr,and put them to aperpetualjhame,Such a time was accounted Gods wa- king time. So then, sleeping and awaking , note only the changes of pro- vidence. Hence alto the providenceof God is defcribed by an eyi (z Chron.r 6.9.)which is the proper organofileeping,or waking; and the exadncfs ofprovidence, is fa out by/it/en eyes, Zech.3.9. The Scripture (peaks this language in reference toour foul -sleep and awakening. When we lin and let things go which way they will in our hearts, withòut taking any care, or keeping our watch again11 temptation, then we are asleep in finne : And when we be- gin to consider our elfates, and return to our felves, when we take notice how it is with us;andask our hearts thequeffion,fbat bave we done ? This in a fpiritual fenfe is our awakening , Awake thou thatfleepef{,Ephef.5.t4. Our fpiritual fleeping and waking are the decayes or quicknings of foul- endeavours. And Gods providen- tial sleeping and waking are the fecming flops and vifì.ble motions of his power, mercy, and ¡office in the world. This is the awa- king which Bildad promifes. If thou wouldeftfeekGod, &c. Sure- ly he would awakefor thee. The words opened teach us. Firft, That holy prayer(hall certainly be heard. If thou make thyfupplication to him, furely he will awake. God cannot sleep when a poor believing foul cries i kris ears,Ifl regard iniquity in my heart,God will not hear my prayer rPfal.66.i S.) But verily Godbath heardme, he bathnot turnedaway myprayer, nor his mercyfromme. What, God turn prayeraway ? No, he cannot lie hill (as I may fo fpeak) when' prayer knocks at the door, he mufl . arife and open prefently. That's a fecond note , Prayer (hall be heardprefently. What prefently ? Yes, prefently heard, though not prefently anfwered ; Surely now be will awaken for thee,even norv.Holy pray- ers are never deferred the hearing, nonot a minute,IJà,65.zq. Be- fore they call I willbear andwhile theyareyetfpeaking Iwill an- fwer. In the very ad ofpraying the anfwer came forth : yea the anfwer fometimes antedates our asking, and the grant cometh before the petition. The giving out ofthe anfwer may be defetr'd, but the anfwer is not deferred. We may be heard, and heard gra- eioully, and yet not prefently receive the thing we ask ; but e- very