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µ' '! . An Expofition upon the Boobof O Bá Verf.6 eth : How is it then faid , that God awakes : For the opening of this metaphor ; F'iril, As, TheChurch confeffes and profeffes (Cant. g. 2.) Ifleep, but myheart waketh when the Church isasleep , yet her heart is awake towards God : So much more, when in regard ofoutward providences God feems to be afleep, his heart is awake toward his Church,hisheart ([cil. his affe1ion, &c.) never flumbereth nor ileepeth. Secondly , God is laid to Veep , when he doth not anfwer our prayers; and when he hears prayer,then he is Paid to awake.Hence the Septuagint render this text, not as we, He will awake; but, He will hear thyprayerfor deliverance, ;Aerial lane- Thirdly , God ileeps, not in regard of the aft , but the conk- kimalia. events ofsleep. Natural Beep is the binding or locking up ofthe Deprecationem fenfes. The eye and ear ofGod is never bound. But to mans ap- eaud,erruam, prehenfion the affairs of the world pats, as if God did neither hear nor fee. When men are asleep things are done , which they can take no noticeof,much lets flop and prevent. The Parable tels us (Mat. 13.) While men flept, the envious man cameand[owed tares : While the houfholder flept, the thief brake the houle: and ¡;, the Pharifees dire[ the watchmen to fay of Chrifl; in the fepul- 1rr sabre; While wefdept his Difciples came andjtole him away. So now, when things are fo carried in the world , as if the God of heaven bormire vide- did not regard or take notice of them; when he doth not prevent raycum re or hinderevil ; when he Bothnot flop or refirain the rageand ma- i ItnquítinbH P $ catamiraribus, lice ofmen ; this retiringof himfelfin the wayof his providence, j, pruf. is called his Beep. The complaint runs high , Pfal.,44.9, &c. Lord, thougoeft not forthwith our Armies , we are become a reproach unto our enemies ; ?'houfelieft thypeople for nought; we are killed like fheep all the day long. There's a defcription of the confufion of things, then folloW- eth (verf.23.) Awake, why fleepeft thou, OLord ? 4rij caft t% not of it ever ; wherefore hieieft thou thy face , andforgett(t our a$littion andour oppreffion? Such a time was accounted the Beeping time of God. Hence when God in the workings of his providence, fearcheth out the wicked, and brings them to deflruóion ; wbcn he breaks theirdeigns, and turns their counfels bAckwards; whenhe turns I their wickednefs upon their own heads , and catches them in the fnarewhich theyhave laid for others, then he is laid toawake,Pf. 78,65. Hegave hie people over to thefword,and thefire confirmed the young