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iiik#ciiai#iiii m3mog we,mavamm3ma: siiiokekis.akakieikkaTQsaka ii41siiikvitl+R## ATABLE, Direúing to foine fpecial Points noted in the Precedent EXPOSITIONS. A. Bib the Jewifh moneth, whyfo called, p. 73, Adamant, why Jo called, i6o.. Affliffion, Agood heart gives teffimony to the righteoufnefr of God,in the midif of greateff af- flietions , p. 147: God layes very fore affliations upon them that are very dear to him, p,279. three wages, S. Afflifkions continuedcanfe us to Ancient ofdayes,wby Go iefo fufpeCt that our prayer is not an- called, fwered, p.28o d godly man may I Angels falling, Pp.4.60. g, wby them fin be much opprefi with thefears of greater then mans, and &aft) affl bon, p. 354, Therewas not irreconcileablete them fuck afpirit of rejoyeingin aßfi- I Anger in man,whatit i; lion among theSaints of the old How God is angry, 'p 180 Teffament, as is under the New,! troubles that fall upon the crea- P. 3.5 8. After purging! God goes toreare the dillsofGods anger, onfemetimes with affliffions, p. ' p. 181. It is not in the power of 372, It is lawfull topray againfl', man to turn away the anger of affliaion, 399. Affliaion re- God, p. 247. How prayer isPaid moved three wayes, p. .400. Ito do it, ib. The anger ofGod is Great affliC ons carry acharge moregreivousto the. Saints, :ben A ofwicl¿,ednefs upon the affli5ed,p; 43$ An a81i'lled perfen is very . f licitous about the reafott of his affliaions , p.436. AtHi6}ions are fearehers,p. 469. Affliaions affeït with fhame, p.573, .Under great a$diîlious our requeffs are modeff, p 575- Age,what meant by it ? taken all 4.1