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The Table. all their other afiiitns,p, 433 Anfwering, of two kinder, p, 25o. Antiquity, True antiquity gives teftimony to the truth,p.58 What true antiquity is. p.59. A ppearance , we muff not judge by it, p.36o. Ars;}urus defcribed, p 209 Alfurance that we are in a fl..te of gracepoffible, and how wrought, P. 479. Awake, In whatfenfe God a- wakes, p. 37, 38. His awaking andfieeping noteonly the changes ofprovidence, p. 39 Two things awakenGod, the prayer of his people, and the rage of his ene- mies, A. 40 BTtternefs put for the foreft ljli£iion, p. 285. The Lord fometimes mixes avery bitter cup for bisown people, p.286. Body of man the excellent frame of it, p.516. Five things Phew this, p, 517. Body of man an excellent frame, p. 494 How called a vile body, ib. Bones andftnews,their ufe in the body ofman, p. 516. C CAbirsafeil ofbablingPoets P7 Caufe. Second caufes can doe nothingwithout the firfl,p, 493. Chambers of theSouth,what andwhy Jo called, p. 2I0. Chitin the tenth month among the Jews, why fo called, p. .209. Chria is the medium by which wefee God, p. 231, Clay, that man was made of clay, intimates three things, p. 504. God can make every word hefpeakr a command, p.192.Every creature mull fub- mit to his command, ib: God hath a negative voice efcom- mand to flay the motion of any creature, P.093- Comfort comes only fromGod, p. 34.8. Yet a man in affliction tray help on his own comforts or farrows, p. 35 t . Comfo its put ofupon twogrounds, ib. Commendation , To com- mend our [elves very unfeemly,p. 296, 297. Condemnation loath three things in it, which make it very greivous, p. 432. It id the ad- judging a man to be wicked, p. 434. Confcience, Agood Confci- ence to be kept rather then our lives, p. 303. Godand conici- Pence keep a record ofour lives, p. 540. Confent to fan how proper to the wicked, p.478. Contention, Man naturally loves it, p. 150. Man is apt to contend with God, p. 152. E- fpecially