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Chap.8. An Expofition ,upon the Book of J O B. VerIS. 55', fignifies a vei.y long life,.Pfal. 61.7. 'thou All) prolong the nS.r life (or, according to the letter ofthe Hebrew, thou /halt adde dayes to the dayes ofthe King) andhis years as manygenerations or, as generation and generation,ageand age : long andlong,that is, very long ; Two lives, or two mens ages , being (as it were) laid into one. z. For fome fpecial part of mans life. Mans life is divided into feveral ages. Some divide it into four, alluding to the four parts of the year. Some into five, infancy, childehood, youth, mans - efiate, and old-age; comparing them to the five ads of au.. interlude, the Prologue whereof is infancy , and the Epilogue decrepid old-age. Others into fèven , ,in.allulon to the (even: 'Planets. 3. It is taken for an age of men, or the,flute of the time prefent: inatem ato So in the Golpel, Chrill calleth the Scribes and Pharifees, A gene- cantHebrci ration ofvipers ,1 andan adulterous generation. As if he had laid ; gettuf 1"ninum;' Youof this time and age of the world, are a viperous and an adul- terous brood. So Pfal.i4,5.God k in the generation of the rightenets, prava, aditd- That is, he favours that generation, or fort ofmen ; God is in all tera. generations, but fuch he delights in mofi ; the wicked have can fe '11)4rd Græcos: enough tofear thofe,in whom God delights. ywExSgn fr-> at That of the Prophet (which text bath variety of interpretati- frepteiètervarn an o- Üum ons)is taken in thisfenfe(Ifa,53.8.)LYho ¡hall declare hkgeneration? rt ,ucde ere- it is the word of the text, Who (hall declare hisage, or the ge- dicivetantdu, neration of.Chrif?Some of his eternal 0_ as ætates /u- thers of his temporal _generation_, when he,wàs incarnate, the osqu`mi.a ie: mifiery whereof was beyond words. A third , of that eternity c;mn.sro ti - which followed_his palfron. As if it were an Antithefis to thole non incidi, words, He was tak en_fromprifon; andhe wascut off, hut`who (hall Trodfa?tguino' 'declare bisgeneration ? YOn-mayquickly write up thedayes that egzat. uidat. Chrift lived here upon earth, they were but few, even his pilgri- mage was fhort on earth , but who can declare his generation ?. Thofe infinite and eternal ages and revólutions,,thorow which he thall pals, though nowyou have. quickly cut_off his life Others, by his generation underfiand the holy feed and iffue, the children . ofCìrifi. His Crofs was fruitful, and his fitfferings productive of an infinite generation, Who can declare it? Though you cut off the Father,yet this father by dying will give life to an innumerable po- flerity, Who can declare his generation ? So (i'erC to.) isle fiallfee bk.feed. But betides ail thefewe may;with good probability inter-, pret.