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Chap.$. An Expofition upon the Fool{, of J O B. Verf.8. Ga Confider then to what antiquity and to what fathers you appeal. Many practices are very old , yet very erroneous. Many old lay- ings and old doings, mutt be unfaid and undone, or we fhall be un- done for ever. How many old fa.yíngs of the Jews dot h Chrilt gain -fay (Mat. 5.) Ye have heard that it hath beenfaidby themofold time, thus and thus,But Ifay untoyou,&c. And (Mat. 19.) anfwer ing the queftion about Divorce, Mofes indeedfor the bardnefr of your hearts, fufferedyou toput awayyour wives, but from the begin- ningit was not fo. Betdes, fome (like the Gibeonites) feign anti- quity, theycan put a gray beard upon a green head ; and their o- pinions will-be found fennowed and mouldy witherrour, not w;`..,!1' age. As we mull take heedof novelties ; fo we mutt be cautious a- bout antiquities. Some antiquities of old men are no better than old Wives fables, of which the Apoftle bids us beware ; unlearned old wives fables are as authentick as many learned mens antiqui- ties pleaded for. To have an itch after novelties, and to dore up- on antiquities, are alike vain anddangerous. Old fables and young fancies are with meat, the fame rate. No man having drunk old wine (faith Chrift, Luk; 5.35..) ffrait way callsfor new, for hefáith the old is better. Old is better then new, if it be as good as new. 'But any new truth is better then the oldeft errour ; and everyer- rour, the elder it is, the worfer it is. Again,Bildad advifes job to prepare himfelfto the fearch ofhis, fathers. Hence obferve, We muff notprefume to find truth with eafe, or to cornefleightly b it. Prepare thyfelf (Prov. 2.3.) If thou c yeff after knowledge, and lifteff up thy'voicefor underffanding : if thou digfor it asfilver, and fearch for itasfor hid treafures,then thinsfhaltfind, &c. A'man that will find filver,muff prepare and fit himfelfto fearch forìlver. That lies not upon the furface , but in the bofome and bowels of the earth. There are four things wherein this preparation'confilis. I. Húmiliry : God doth not teach but refill the proud, he gives more grace (Humility is much Grace) to the humble. A lowly minded man (hall know the mind of the moil high God. 2. Hounds fubmitting to, and practi1ing the truth we know; prepares us for the receiving ofmore truth. He that doth the will ofChrift Iháll know his doótnine, job. 7. 17. 3. Prayer : Dothany man want wifdom, let him as'kofGod, Jam. I. 5. Truth is the daughter of God, and he will not bellowher in,: