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66 Chap. 8. An¿Expofition upon the Bsokof J O B. Verf.9. may, but I will not. So then an opinion car a conceitednefsofour knowledgeWafts all our knowledge; fuch a man knozvetb nothing as he ought to know ; he knoweth fowewhat by rote, but he doth. not know, any thing (as a Chriltian ought)byheart. By howmuch we have the more true knowledge of the higheft objef.%s, by fo much we have the lower thoughts ofour knowledge. It is bed} to know as mtech as the can ofthe befit things,and to thinkas littleas we can ofour felves. vt ¡ja ii i! Our dayes uponearth are afhaddov. But were not the dayes ofall the fathers a fhaddow ? Yes, the longer( life is but a long fhadow ; he means comparatively, our lives are tkorter by much then theirs were, and therefore but a fiiadow. There are three forts offhadows. I. Natural. 2. Civil. 3. Spi- ritual. Firit, A natural fhadow is a dark light caufed by the coming offome thick body between us and the Sun. This is a fhadow in a proper and firift acception. Secondly, hefdes the natural,thereis a civil fhadow, Proteti- on is afhadcw : And to be under a fhadow, is to be protc ted. We tranflate (Num. i4. 9.) Their defence is departed from them, the Hebrew is, Their Jhadow. So lfa. 4.5.and a5.4. Thirdly, A fhadow is taken for a dark or iinperfcd reprefenta- tion of things fpiritual ; fo all the Ceremonies of the old Law arc called fhadows(Heb.8.5.& io. 1. &9. 9. Col. a. 17.)Ceremoni'al worthip is expreffed by a fhadow ; becaufe it was an obfcure re- prefentationof -the truth : The Ceremonies were interpefed be- tween Chrift the true light and us, and fo call a fhadowof him. Or,as aPainter,who is to draw the lively figure or fhape ofa man, at tirft makes an abfeure draught, or fame imperfef lines of the body,but afterwardsgives it beauty and lucre to the life.The Mo- faical rites were fucha fhadow ofheavenly things. Yet fürthe r, a fhadow (which comes neareft the meaning ofthis text) notesthe leafi imaginable fîgn or femblanceofa thing So (Jam.. 1. 17.) when the Apottle faith,That with God the Father oflights,there is not JO much as afhadow efturning,hemeans,there is not the leaft fign or tokenofturn v ith God. When Bildad faith,Our dayes upon earth are but as afhadow,we may undertiand it, either ofthe time pail, and fo our life is but a