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Chap. 8, An Expofition upon the Book ofj O B. Vcrf. 9, 67 a fhadow that is gone. Or, it maybe meant of the whole life ofman tlten_together.Theflife of man(take it from the beginning to the ending, from the Alpha to the Omega, from the brit to the left ofit) is a thadow. The comparifon is frequent in Scripture,I thall not n,red to flay upon it. See two or three particularsofthe refemblance. r.,The life ofman is a fhadow, becaufeit bath little in it that is fùbffantial, a fhadow is oppofed to a fubfiance; our life rather ¡lquid Teems to be, hen is, it is fo quickly ne. id 2. A fhadow (though fgometimees it be put for protef ion and fubJlau nerd¢ fafèty, yet) implies untètleduefsand uncertainty; ifa man hands or refis under a thadow, the fhadow will leave him,'twill îàe sane umbra denorat from him, and betray him to the fcorchin Sunbeams ; a fha- nsaieftdom fra- dow never keeps long in one place, but varies with the motion of teíinoem fige_ the Sun, and,when it is high noon the fhadow goes quiteup, and cers,namquP is not. There is fuch an uncertainty in the life of man,it holds not fubumbra do°á one tenour, it fiayes not in any state, there is a deceitfùlnefs in it, ma ttur changes are upon it.Thegreateft certainty ofour lives,is,that they d diem rradúrfea- are uncertain. lir, Pined. Ingeneral, the life ofman being compared to a fhadow, teach- eth us,that it is fhort,moveable and unconfiaut,there is no hold or tack in it, Pfal, 102. I t. My dayes are like afhadow that declineth. The encreafe of our dayes hath a declension in it, 1 Chron.29.15. We areftrangersbefore thee, andfirjourners, as were all ourfathers; our dayes on the earth are as thefbadiw.flow Both he explain that There is none abiding inour dayes, as there is nq abiding in afhadow Homo,v.catup Many ofthe Ancients have reprefènted the àlife of man, not only CMïetirap »Pin as a thadow,but lets then a fhadow,A dream ofafhadow, afhadow +taxv>s e100. ofáfhadow, an Idol if fhadow,which is the lowefi exprefíion that Sapp. can be,as much as to fay,anothing of nothing.An Idol is nothing in Ñ'r'r aziac. the world.God made no filch thing in the world. And though our dayes be made by God in the world, yet they are no flch thing as God made,or as theworld makes them. We have met with points about the thortttefs and tranfitorinefs of mans life often in this book, I thall therefore only add a word here. It is our wifdom,forafmuch as our lifeon earth. is as a fhaddòw, that we improve this thadow to gain aflurance of eternal light Life beret's but a fleeting fhadow, that to come is an abiding fttb- , fiance. Shall we for the pleafures and comforts of a life, which is no moreenduring then a fhadow,hazard thepleafures and comp K 2 for is