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---------..,_..__---------_------- Chap. 8. An Expofition upon theBo®k of J O B. Verf, i o. 69 Iies in the inmoft= receffes'and clofets of his fpirit : he fpeaks from meditation,he bringswhat he fpeaks to his heart, and from his eor 1oqu;rur; heart utters what he fpeaks. Chrifl affures us, That a good man out rluæ oniviur of thegood treafitre of 6>ir heart brings forth good things, and an evil Prameditatus man out of t he evil treafure ofhis beart,bringsforth evil things.Every fléwed rnti heart isa treafury. When a good man fpeaks evil, h fpeaks not one. from-his heart (thoughhe bath a flockoffìnfulnefs in him ) but from his lips ; and when an evil man (peaks good, he fpeaks it not from his heart, but from his lips : for he hath no flock or treafury ofgood within.An hypocrite fpeaks good with a heart,and a heart with a double heart. A fool fpeaks without a heart,yee of the two, it is better to have no heart then two. Or we may take the meaning of the words,as a fecret reproofof job ; If thouwilt look: after thefe fathers, and fearch them, they will not fpeak as thou haft done,rafhly,unadvifedlyand indifcreet- ly, but they will fpeàk from their hearts, they will utter things of weight and ferious confideration. Fromhence obferve, Firfi, That otdmen areprefume d to have a great flock of know- ledge. Go to the fathers, they will certainly teach thee. Every man fhould labour to have a proportion ofknowledge to his proporti- on of years;we fhouldnot be children in underftanding,when vie are men in time. The Apofile reproves fiach as are fo (Heb.5.2.) When (faith he) for the time you ought tole teachers (look upon the yeares that are gone over your heads, and you ought to be teachers ; you fhould have much inyour hearts for the inflrudion of others, yet fo it is)you have need that one teachyou again, which be the firfl principles of the Oracles ofGod,andyou are becomefuel as have need ofmilk,andnot offtrong meat. Secondly obferve,7hey who are dead andgone, yet fpeakto us as if they were living. Bildad fends Job to the ancient fathers, go,they will 'teach thee and utter words out oftrieir hearts.Whileft we confider what they have fpoken and done, it is as if they now fpake,Heb. r i.4.4belby faith offered a better faccifive thenCain;andbeing deadheyetfpeaketh. They who are dead fpeak by their works, and they fpeak by the words which they fpake,while they werealive.The records which .they have left giveus counfel to this day. When the rich,m n it is the fcope of.the Parable) I fay, when the rich man (Lukx6.:7.) defired that Lazarus might go from the dead to fpeak to his bre- thren,