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68 Chap. 8. AnpExpofition upon the BookofJ O Verft o. forts ofa life, which endures for ever. A man hath not a (hadow Attendat lgltur ofreafon, not a {hadow of true wifdome and underfluading, who homo in diebus will fpend out a fhadowifh life in thofc things which are but a umbrtfue,ut {hadow, negleEfingthat which is the true light,and will bring us facia aliquid dignumdefide. to eternal light ? rare lucrefug. Bildadhaving put in this'parenthelìs as a reafon why he finds AUg,in Pf.T43. job to the fathers,gives him an encouragement at the tenth verf, tomake this very, he tell's himwhat he (hall get for his pains in confulting with thole former ages, and with the fathers. Verf. T o. Shall not they teach thee and tell thee, and utter words out oftheir heart ? As ifhe had faid, Thou(halt not lof'ethy labour by inquiring into thofe ancient times,fhall not they teach thee ? Certainly they fhall, thou fink not come away empty,undirecled,'uncounfel'd. Shall not they teach thee? How, could they teach ? Theywere dead and gone, they were pall many ages before. Bildad may be conceived to anfwer,Tbough thefathers are dead, yet they willfpea!aj thee, aad counte1 thee, as well as if they livedandjtoodbefore thee with our felves: They fhall teach thee, and they Jhall inffrull thee. And more then that, they will not only teach thee in a complement, and (peak words to thee, but they will (peak their very hearts toThee : thou (halt find that they will gi óe thee cordial counfel,they will utter words to thee out oftheir heart. 'Utter words out of their heart. The meaningofthat is, either : Firfl in general, they will give thee the real conceptions oftheir minds about thefe points, they will fpeak fincerely,they will not fpeak to theefrom the teeth out- ward, but from the heart inward. Secondly, they will fpeak wife- ly-and judicioufly to thee about the.fé things ; they will utter,not fo much words as Oracles to thee out oftheir heart. The heart is the feat,a knowledge and underffanding, and a Elequiaescor- wife man is (homo cordatits)a hearty man, a man with aheart;and deproferre,efl a' fool in Scripture is faid to bea heartlefs man, a man without a frpienterloquí, he.ert,he cannot utter words from his heart,whò wants a heart;he! euedir Gorda utters them from his mouth orfrom his tongue. D tus dtcitur; hib' A f ols heart is in fltdtuamots, háir moeeth,and a wife ratans mouth if inhis beart,he fpeaks that which. lies