Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v3

The Epiftle to the Reader. intended for this time. But time will not fiferme topDIyou what 1 intendedandhad projec`ledforanEpiflle. And Ibelieveyour felves will eafier excufe afhort Epiflle,then a longer flayfor the whole Book Accept both with your wontedcandour, and let all thefeLaboursonyourbehalf be the returnof your ownprayers tothe Fatherof lights, by the help of the Spirit ofGrace, in 7ef rs Chrifl, for 7anuar.y 12. 1646. Your afeElionate Friend and fervant in this Fork of the Lord. Jofeph Caryl.