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Chap:8. An'Exp©ftion upon the Book of J O L. .°ri: x . 73 -. tells us of a land, fending Ambafadotrs Ìy the fea., even in z'e,geis of bulrufhes upon the waters. "°itt) Eiatus, enn?u- Can the' ruJlrgrow ? it,eJl-medi2 In flrength, lufire and beauty. Theword implies growing with lgmnrtrvi- akind ofpride, foplants do in a rich or proper foyl , they lift up tiora elatione, their heads, and carry it highly. Fax el/fit/ crfia etrenipro mae. Can the rujl grow without mire ? niJìcenria &core, itivet, Which is as much as to fay, can a man live without food ? Mire in trot ss is the rulhes meat anddrink. It loves and delights in a moorith mn us, foyl, and by therivers fide. A rufh, uponthe dry land, is like a tìth pslu ices íuber, upon the dry land. At molt the ruth among vegetables and plants, imphibla. is like thole fowls and beaftsamong fenfitivcs,which livepart upon the water, and part upon the land. ilwt Can theflaggrow without water ? Carus graminb The word lignifies any fertile place for grafs, a medow, Gen.41. ubio al`unrur 2. Pharaoh law in hisdream (even well-favoured kine, and fat- ab ,-ßt4,1 let flethed, andtheyfed in antedow. Some render it fo here, Can the quodexuna viedowgrowwithout water? Both flags and medows are Catch drink- flirpe veluti ers,that theyquicklywither,ifthey want water:whichBildad gives multi frarres us plainly in the next verfe. p Y frberb.trum nerf. 12. While it is_yet inhis reenne s andnot cut down,it wither- yrdam jra;er- b g f nitat. eth before any other herb. Whileft it isyet inbiigreennefs.] Or, fhootii g up in his ftemrne. Some derive the Hebrew word from Ab, Father; and fo it may Ab.b eji fpica? be rendered from the letter of theHebrew, though the exprelli m on nurefeons, be fomewhat uncouth. While it is yet in it's paternity, or father- vetfpica cum hood, thatis; while it is flourifhing and procreative. Others de- cahma, inde rive it from Abib, which fignifies an ear of corn, or the car with abb evirgu" the fialk. Hence the moneth Abib among the Jews had its name, revs in e.a, fc, a becaufe in thole climates, corn was then eared and began to be rempore qin ell rips; it was thefirfi moneth to the Ifraelites,beeaufeof their còm. Parensnovarum ing out of e gypt, and anfwered to 1)411 .0our March, andpart ofrr."nr`m /° April, Exod..3.4. Chap. 23.15, This day cameye out in the snonetlo Zpater, d. Abib, this mouthJhall be toyou the beginningof moneths. So then, inparernirate, this gfeennefsof the rush implies the ftrength and biit of it, the f +3. goodlinefs and beautyout. L And