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Chap. 8. AnExpofition upon the Book of J O B. Verf.z 1, JO B, Chap. 8. Verf.rr, 12,13,14,15. Can the ruff growwithout mire?can theflag grow up with- out water ? Whilefi it isyet in his greennefs and not cut down, it wi- thereth before anyother herb. So are thepaths ofall that forget 'God, and thehypocrite hopeshall perish. Whofe hopeshallbe cut off, and whofe trufl'hall be afpi- ders web. HeAdalean ,uponhis houfe,butitAtli not Band he (ball hold itfall, but itfhall not endure. His context from the z ith to the 20th verfe,contains an Wu- ' flration (for fo are fmilitudes) of the former argtament and it is taken from a three-fold fimilitude. Firfi, ofa rujh, which' is explained, verf. 11, z2. and applied in the 13th verve. The fe- cond is, of a fpiders web, explained and applied 14, 15. The third ofa luxuriant flourishing tree, explained verse, 16, 17, 18. applied, verfe nineteen. Behold, this ís the joy ofhisway, &c. The fum ofall may be given in this brief; That it is as equal andordinary in the courfe of divine jujiice to de- ftroy wicked men ; as it is in the courfe ofnature,for a rush to wither lt7,22 when it wants water ; or, for a fpiders web to break when it id leaned upon ; orfor a tree,to be hewen down, when it either undergrows or. 7unessá;t8C3 overgrows its owners houfe;when caflingit's roots under thefoundati i. av,tquáu»- Dn,zt loosens theBones, andweakens the ground-worm; or, when it "0_0aguar spreads its boughs andgrows Phi!), high that it drops upon the roof, AT immerfur, darkens the wind,1V5 ofit. earnTemper imb.bens, Verf. 1 1. Can the rush growwithout mire ? Conforitur bibu .1a IfemphYr"- tyroba papyra. It cannot. The Original word for a ru¡h fpeaks its nature ; the, Luc,/ 4. root fignifying to fuck ordrink in,or alwayes to be gulling down. l'erg; papyri_ The rush lives in liquor, and is alwayes drinking.Thefe abounded ferisepeemftud neer the banks of Nilus in Egypt. There Mofes was put into an ¡lumina Nili. Arkor sk,iff'ínadeof hulrufbes,Exod .2.3.TheProphet(11,'z,18.1,2.) tells