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ChapB. (let. Expofition l upon the Bookof J O B. crf. t 2. 77 of. fpiritual things is ever jayned with-a true love of worldly_things. Chrill (peaks of Conic who followed him more for the loaves then for the word. And f adds followed his Mailers bag, more then his Mailer. Fifthly, Bulrufhes or flags yield no fruit at all, they onlymake a fair thew; hypocrites how green fo ever they are, what fhe.w or profeulion foevcr they make, yield-no fruit ofholinefs. Sixtly, A bialrufh ora flagwithers fooner thenanyother herb, that is,then other herbs that are not feared fonear the water.And this agrees well with thehypocrite,for when the hypocrite begins once to wither, he withers quickly. He never had any true life, and he will not long appear to have any. Whenone that bath made a fair profeffìon begins to decay,he decayes fooner then a mecr civil man ; a civil man will hold out in Honefly and Juflice a'great while, but a hypocrite gives over holinefs and godliìiefs prelent- ly. Befides, God blahs and withers an hypocrite fooner than any other man, becaufe he hath abufed and wronged God more then any other man. When judgements come they fall fîrft upon hypo- crites, 7hehypocrites inZion tremble, Ifa.33. Tremblingwill take hold upon the prophane and openly wicked, but trembling takes hold foonefl upon hypocrites ; they. have moll caufe to tremble, who were confident without a caufe. Falk hope is the parent of real fear ; and they who believe without repenting, (hall repent without believing. Verfe 13. So are the.paths ofall thatforget God; and the hypocrites Sicfore iu ec_ hopefballperifb.- rat &ufis ve= So are thepaths. i So,.. that is., thus it .comes to pals, this is the nit, talia eJl eo. way. and the end ofall thofe who forget God.: rum rorditio, The pathof a man is taken two wayes. Dru(. Firft, For his !late and condition, Pfal. I. The way of the wicked (hallperi¡h ; that is, the whole !late ofa wicked man ihall perifh. Secondly, For his courfe and converfation, job 33. I I. He put- teth myfeet in thefrocks, he marketh all mypaths, that is, he takes notice ofthe whole courfe ofmy life ; all myconverfation, all my tradings and dealings are before God.- This path of mans courfe and converfation -is two -fold. There is an internal, and there is an external path. The internal is that of the mind ; the mind bath its courfe,the heart hath a way, Ira. 57. 17. He went onfro- t the wayofhid heart.The external path is that ofoutward aft:.ions