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Chap. B. An Expoftion upon theBookrofJ O B. Vcrf 13. 83 double part ; the one is, fimulation, belabours to appear what he is not, he would Teem to have force good which he hash not. And tree=facie the other is, diffimulation ; he labours not to appear what he is, he iuteenamfan- would hideand cover the evil that he hath.iht hypocrite is one who £iitatem mend- feems to be what he is not, andwouldnotteem what he rr :He is a Jew tur. out wardly,and his religion circumcifion outward in the flefh, Rom. t. i 8. HeJeems to be religious (Jam. r. 26.) he is a wbitedSepul- slrre (Mat.23.27.) ftately on the outfìde,within nothing but rot- tennefs and dead bones. The hypocrite hath a dividedheart, HOC 10. 3 . anda double mind, Jama . 8.He is not halfenough for God, and too much for himfelf. Hypocrites are oftwo forts,fome in a large, others in a ftrici fenfe. Mott wicked men are hypocrites in a large tènfe, though force are above hypocrifie, they are arrived at impudence. The Prophet fpeaks of fuch(Ifa.3.9.)The thew oftheir countenance doth witnefs againfl them, and they declare their fin as Sodome, they bide it not. They declare it not as the mourners in Zion declare their fin, who are afhamed ofit ; but they declare it as Sodome her fin, that they may delight in it. But though there are fume fuck as thefe,yet the greater numberof wicked men fall under the notion ofhypocrifie in a large fenfe,becaufe they keep their fins clofe,and hide them. Hence the worksof fin are called works of dark- nefs. Wickedmen ufually hide their wickednefs, and thew that which hath but a thew, their goodnefs. But in a firid fente, he is a hypocrite that feems tobe very religious, whohath nothing but God, and Chrir, and heaven in his mouth ; but in his heart and fecret praGtifes nothing but earth and hell. The hypocrite is like the Onyx-Hone, of which Naturalios write, that it is clear and bright in the fuperficies, but the center is dark and earthy. This generation is pure not only in their own eyes (Prov. 30.12.) but in, the eyes ofmany men, pot iibly in the eyes ofall men, yet are they not cleanfedfrom their wickednefr. The hypocrites hope[hall perifb.7Thàt is,the time (hall come when he (hall give over the hope which he hath hoped,or the thing (hall fail him, wherein he hoped. Fiat, the object ofhis hope (hall fail him, that is, thofe benefits, blettiings, accommodations and com- forts which 1{e looked for in the profeffion of religion, thefe (hall fail him and prove falfe hopes. Hypocrites (Mat. 7.) plead with Chrift for heaven, Lord, we havepropheted in th Name, and in thy Name c,a_lt out devil', &c. but their hopes perifhed, Depart from M a me