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AIMENIMMI ----, 84 Chap. 8. AnExpofition upon the BsolZofJ O B. Verf.ì,. me (faith Chrift)I hnozvyou not. His hope periflíeth when he can- not have the thing he hoped for. Secondly, The ad of Iris hope thall fail, his hope (hall be fo long deferred that his hope (hall die; henever had any true groundof hope,andat the laut he thall not have a thew of hope. Bishope (hall perilh. Obferve from the name given hypocrites. Firft, That hypocrites are filthy andpollutedperfons. None are fo ugly in the eye of God,as they whopaint for fpiritual beauty.Pretended holinefs is more unlovely thenprofeffed unholinefs to them that can difcern it.As it is Paid ofNabalC>;;Sam,2o.)Nabal is his nanee,and folly is with him : So we may fay ofanhypocrite, filthinefs is his name, andfilth is in him.Nabal had his name from folly,and hypo- crites have theirs from flthinefs. -. Obferve, fecondly, hypocrites may be full of hopefor a time. They have fomewhat(though it he unfound) uponwhich they build, they think what they do' and are will ferve. turn and go for currant with God;: This raifes up their fpirits. Some hypocrites will be full ofhope, even while, they are defcending to the pit of defpáir. Some 1.ypocritesare not convinced of their hypocrifìe to the very laic : fuch die in pcáee, while`:they aregoing down to e- ternal war; They go away as we .rife to fay) like lambs, when their fouls are among Lions) and theyare tumbling into the place ofdragons. Obferve, thirdly, Tbehope of hypocrites will deceive andfail them, God rejeils their confidences, they (hall not.profper in them, Jar. z. 37. Lafily, Obferve, That to lofe our hope is th:eutmoft ofevils. Bildaddoth not that the hypocrite is damned, and íhall go to hell, and endure the wrath ofGod for ever : This one expref i- on, 7hzir hope{hailperifh,amounts to all this and more,ifmore can be.Do but fit do wnand imagine in your thoughts,& contrive the utmof ofall evils felt by men, yea theutmofl( poflible) of all the evils ofpunifhment that are in the thoughts ofGod,and all are wrapped up and comprehended in this one word, Their hope (hall perifh. Hell, and wrath,and fire,and brimftone,and the worm that never dies meet in this one word. Bildad