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°:8ó Chap. 8. An Exroftion upon the Book, of J O B. Verf.r.4 And not only fhall the wayes ofan hypocrite be difpleafing, but they all be a loath ing,an abhorring to him: the Lord loaths him now, Theprayer ofthe mickea is an abomination, and he shall loath Hec dtfpiicen- himflf hereafter. There is a double loathing. There is alei thing rra {um ftJhdio ofrepentance. And there is a loathing of defpair. The for- rodam C.7 ra- mer (though it be unpleafant, yet it) is an happy loathing ofour befrenrraton- felves. Such loathing ofourfelves is pleating to God in the ad, sun` r eft" and will be pleat-ant to us in the fruit ( Ezek. 6. 9.) They¡hallloath themfelvesfor the evils they have committed.And again,Ezek.16.47. and a o. 4 3. the word is taken for this Ioathing ofrepentance.But the hypocrite [hall have another kind of loathing. What? a loath- ingof defpair, feeing himfelf utterly loft, and his hopes quite-cut off, he [hall be an abhorring to himfelf. There is yet a third fiep or degree offence in this word,He fhall not only be difpleafed with himfelf,and loath himfelf,buthe thall fall out with himfelf;his hope (hall difpleafe or vex him,into felf- anger. eum i¡fe ti - t is difpleafed with an oother t ]loth outgwith him,gwrangleth tí$ablrÿ tur,quzomnra and contendeth with him; fo an hypocrite,atlafi,Ihall chide, con - i,a ad ménts corn- t end and wrangle with himfelf: he thall contend as much with motior.em7 himfelfat lati, as ever the word ofGod contended with him be Ii an_mi rrucia- fore. Ati hypocrite never cometh to a Sermon butGod chides hint, Ii ri ^,ertinent. theWord of God contends with him,and the fpirit ofGod hath a controverfte with him;this manwill not be warn'd by the chiding ofGod,nor take that to heart,he (lit] goes on in his hypocrífìe.But when no reproofs nor chidings can prevail upon his heart,he is left to the reproof and chidings of,,his own heart : which will read him fuch a ledure,and give him fuch a fchooling as he never had in all his Iife. Confcience maybe Iong filent, and it may long flatter, but when once it begins to fpeak, and to (peak right, it is the mat terrible Preacher in the world. There is noBoa verges or fon`of thunder Lath fodreadful a voice. Mount 'Sina it felf did not thunder fo loud as confcîence will. And as confcience fpeaks. Ioud, fo it fpeaks long. An hypocrite (hall reprove or chide him- (elffor ever; what a .fool was I? what a beati was I thus to flatter toy felt, thus to mask mine own filthinefs, and to dawb over the rottennefs ofiny heart with the fair covering of a verbal pro- "` fc tlïon?Whydid I wilfully deceive my felf into irrecoverable `per- dition ? Again,Obferve from, Whore folly ¡hall difpleafe him. That