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Chap. 8. An Expofition upon theBoek of J OB. Verf. 4 Bildad goes onto illufirate this by a further inftanee. Verf. 14.Whofe hope /hall be cut off, and whole trop fhall be as afpi- ders web. Verf.'i 5.'He/ball lean upon bid houfe, but itfl l notrand: he fha[t hold itfaJt, but it /hall not endure. The hypocrite clings about the objcd of his hope, as a mat: that is ready to drown takes hold on any thing, upon a draw of a rotten flick ; but though he lean upon his houle, it 'hall no:. Rand, &c. There words contain the fecond fìmilitude,which is both a con firniation and a further illuftration of the former ;for having con _k eluded in the 13. verfe with thefe words, The hypocrites hope Jhall perifh ; he (as it were) doubleth and refumeth it here again, Whofe hope Iliad be cut off,andwhofe truft'hall be afpiders web. Theoriginal bcareth different interpretations, and from that, feveral fenfes have beengiven of thefe words. Theword here ufed for [hope) is not the farne in the Hebrew, which we had in the labt claufe of the former verfe, His hope (hall perifh.This word was opened at large in the fourthChapter at the fixth verfe,where we tranidate it confidence; is not this thy hope, thy conftdence,the uprightnefs of thy ways ? Now, befides, that the word fignifies hope or confidence, it lignifies alto folly, inconftancy, frowardnefs of fpirit, vanity and levity of mind. And thusCome render it here. This hopeJhall be cut of) That word alío beareth different in- terpretations. I. To be weakned, to languifh; and becaufe things which 8 pact ir, languilh and are weak, either are cut off,or are ready to becut off; per met elf thereforeit fignifes likewife cutting off. mæjlrù,lo_ 2. Burther,the word imports. gradually ,r.difpleafing,z.loathing re,t(Glroa e or abominating, 3. chidingor contending. F1us ftit,p,o, The words yielding tiefe fenfes, receive different tranflations nr`'1Q1.q,rom, and interpretations. rempundcm, et Full thus, taking the former for inconfancy orfolly, his f llyJhall`qua nat:lenn diftileafe him, or, his folly Jhall not pleafe him: So the Vulgar. tarit, raver ». Elypecrites neverpleafeGod,and at loft they 'hall notpleat the oflves, ir:o'irCPere.eam uh. The wayes and works ofhypocrites are ever difplealing to God, Nan ené,m pia. and they shall at kit bedifpleafing to themfèlves, That's the fenfe curt e veNr. oftheir tranflation. dia e:ao. Vulg. An NOD