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Chap. i i. vin Expoftion s pon theBook,of J O B. Verf.i z. the Lord God himfelf doth evenwonder that the beaft fhould not turn man when he had been fo long under the burden, and had ìeceivetito many blows. 'Tis feafonable for us ofthis Nation, to confider this point, We have been ''like wilde affes colts, igno- rant , vain obftinate , and unteachable ; God hath confidered theft things , he hath written his obfervation ofthem inbloudy charafters. O that thismight be the fruit, that fuch as have been empty, and without hearts, might learn 'wifdome, that fuch as havebeen wilde affes , might be bornmen , yea good men. This wouldmake all our loffes gain to us, and our judgements mercies, fuch a chhge as this would change our water intowine, and all our forro s into joy. Thus I have done with the Frft part ofZophars fpeech, wherein he reproves Yob , and argues the matter with him. He is now ready to alter hisRile ,and in {lead ofconvi&ion prepares advices for him. 93 N 3' JOB