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IB íe,2 Chap. ii. 4n expofition upon the Book, of J O B. Verf.i 3 It is indeed Gods work to prepare the heart , yet Zophar gives good counfel to deb, when he faith 1 f thou prepare thine heart. The Pelagians ofold , with their fucceffours in that perfwafion, Papifls and Arminians,niif- interpret texts of like importance with this , to prove that.the converfionof man to God beginsat man ; or that the grace ofGod is fublegoent or but a fecundary to the felf- preparations of man. Whereas fuch Scriptures chew us our duty, not our ability, what muff be done, not what we can do. A naturall man bath no ftrength a godly man cannot improve his ftrength withoutaffiftance. Withamme (faith Chrift) ye (myDifciples) can do nothing , Joh. 15. 5. Our preparations of heart doe not at all begin at us, nor are they compleated by us. Hence obferve, We may be called to doewhat is not inoar power todoe., The Apoftle exhorts, Workout your own falvation with fear and trembling (Phil. z. t z.) He feems togive a ftrange reafon in the next verle,For it isGod that worketh inyou both to will and todo ofhis goodpleafure (v.t 3.) our inability to work doth not ex- empt us fromworking, we having a promife fromGod tò make us able: we are commanded to doe what we havenot fo mach as a will to doe , becaufe God is engaged to work in us both to will and to doe ; and that, not according to any predifpofitions of ours, but ofhis owngood pleafure. Our nafter in heaven thews us our duty , and then helps us to perform it. He calls us to prepare our hearts, and then prepares them for us. For they who have re- ceivedgrace, have not a full power toobey this call,and they who are in naturehave noneat all yet it is not in vain to fay to a man of the one Elate, nor of the other, 'Prepare thine heart. Though the later be dead in fins and trefpaffes,yet it is neither im- proper, nor unprofitable to bid him turn frern fin , becaufewhile we fpeak to the ear, God faith he will fpeak to the heart, and accompany the Word with his own power, yea make the wordof man the power ofGod unto mans falvation. And though the for- mer cannot fully obey this call , sor prepare his heart without new anual concurrences, and frefh receits ofgrace,yet by filch in- vitations-God awakens and firs up thole old habits ofgrace which lay (lumbering; or unaEted, and caufeth loch to firup thetafelves, who were afleep,or very unanive.The Prophet complained Ifa.64. si. 7. That no mata flirredup himfelfto take boldofGod. As man mu!}