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Chap. II. An expoftion upon the Book of J OB. Vert 14. I I t Thirdly, If there be iniquity in thine 1.0and, is as ifhe had faid, ifthou hall gotten any thingwrongfully, which flill remains in thy power, put it away,&c. To be in the hand, is to he in our difpofe; and we fay commonly , filch a thing is out ofmy hand when we have parted with it , or difpofed of it. So, ifiniquity be in thine hand, is,if thou hall deceivedany man,and the matter be dill with thee, reflore it, fend it home to the right owner,away with it, put itfarfrom thee. Before I come to the other branch, take one obfervation from this,as it bath reference to the former counfel;Prepare thineheart, send ffretch out thine hands towards God, if iniquity be in thine hand,put itfar away,from thee. The hand mi0 be cleatejed as well a the heart. For as God cannot bear it, that we (hould come with clean hands , a fair outwardconverfation , when our hearts are filthy ; (fuch Chri(l difcovered the Pharifees, who were like. platters walled on the out fide , but unclean within ; or like fe- pulchers fairly painted , but full ofdead mens bones and rotten- ne(le,) fo neither can he bear it, that they wholehands (even to the eye of the world) are filthy and unclean, Ihouid yet Pretend, they have as good hearts as others, they mean well ; as the one is\ groffe hypocrifie , fo the other is grefe profaneneffe. Never brag of your good meanings or that you have good Hearts , when your hands are foul. I grant many have clean hands , while they have polluted hearts, but where I fee polluted hands, I have great rea- fon to think there is a polluted heart too, many appear better, but fcarce any worfe than they are. The heart may keep in its filthi- nefle while the hands are wafhed , but if the heart be waíhed, the hand will not keep its flthineffe. It is very po(lible for a man that bath a clean heart to foul his fingers , but he will not wear them foul. Be reneweth faith and repentance he waflaeth off the filth in thatfountain which is always openforfin andfor un- cleanneffe. Theywhofe confiant way is evil,and yet fay they have good hearts, deceive themfelves, but cannot deceive others. Their impiety is too plain to deceive the plainefl foul in grace,that hears them fay fo. The preparation ofthe heart will be feen at the fingers ends : purity of fpirit cannot confift with impuritycf life : if thou hail iniquity in thine band, put it far away from thee. 1°115'11171 `hut itfar away from thee. Volga ee,n. The Original is one word, but it is a thong e;thrufl it away, remove it to the utmoft diftance. Hence