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Chap. I r . ei4n Expofition upon the Book,of J O B. Verf.x4. If fin be not put far from us-, God will remove far from us : The holy God will not cone near ( unleffe to punith the prayers of an unholy heart. You may (retch our your hands to heaven , but you cannot reachheaven, if any iniquity be inyour hands. Fourthly , Taking iniquity (as it hath been opened) for the violation of commutative juhice for wrong dealingand oppref lion ; Then obferve, That which it illgotten mush bereiored. Put it out of thy houfe , out of thy family , it will be a fire to Itapins hares burn a moth to concome, a canker to fret all thy comforts ; that din inmanu, which is illgot , will.poifon that which is wellgot. Mofes bafpeaksfa fuasdielere9 the Ifraelires concerning Corah, Lathan and ,elbirana. Depotrt I quarr. male prayyoufrom the tents of theft wicked man , and touch nothingofparta rue pof- theirs , left yoube confusnedin all theirfins : it is dangerous to be aMori reddrre. neighbour to wicked men the tayle of the florm fent upon them Agglutinata e(b may fall upon our felves : it is more dangerous to keep wicked- hujufm®di ini- neffe in our own hands the whole florin will'then fall upon us : ,nanib picatis p m'anibus. It is very Gnfull to get by wrong but it is more fulfill] to keep Pined. what is wrongfully gotten ; yet how hardly are men perfwaded Kota male+ to part with it ! It is caller to doe an aft of charity then of ja- parta citd ad Rice ; Many are willing to give: but few are willing to reflore ;liras ittenda effe mittenda yet we are more bound to be jufi then to be charitable , and to re- tanquam nobis flore then to give ; and indeed no man can give,till he hath re- u reifamiliari flored, nor be charitable till he is jun.. That which is holen is not nociva. fir for a gift either to God'or man. God hates robbery both for Animus ad re- t. flituenduns pa altneç and for vurnt-offèrtngs. They who are unable may in- ratus, pote- nocent though they rellore not, but no man can be innocentfgasferet, eft who is unwilling to reilore. Some have done iniquity with their abfolute necef- hands, who have not iniquity in their hands. What they have ta- fries. Ames, ken from others , is taken from them , or (pent by them. Thefe 1.5. de Confc mull (hew, they have it in their hearts to reflore all though they cal'. 4.- have nothing in their hands to rehare. How can we expel , that God Ihould remit our juifdebts if we will not reliure our unjull Lains ? Let not wickedneff'e dwell in thy tabernacles. As the former claufe refpeEted the reforming of his perfpn fo nais the reforming of his family. Let not wickednefe dwell.] That is , let it not continue there. But IIj