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Chap. z r. An Expoftion upon the Book of J O B. Verf. 15. r z Though all our repentings , wafflings and purgings, cannot de- ferve freedom from the leaft evil. , yet this is the way to filch free- dom ; and when we (through the power of Chrifl) purge our felves from all fillthinefleof fiefh and fpirit , we are in the faire(; probability , in the neerefi poflibility tó be freed from the fpots of tribulation and afition. Sin andfarrow ofwally come , andgoe together : When we fall into the mire of fin, Godcalls us into the mire offorrow ; and though he often vary his difpenfations , yet this is a truth, That when we get out of the mire offin, the Lord lifts us up out of the mire offurrow. Secondy, Others take it for a fin-(pot. Ifthouprepare thine heart; &c. then thou (halt lift up thyfacewithoutfoot that is , the Lord will not take notice of thy fin. Hence note, Though no eran is without his(pot, yet all beleevers are accounted #otleffe. Salaam confeffeth Numb. z3. zr..He bath not beheld inigiaty in 7acob, neither loath he Peen perverfneffè in Ifrael, that is he charged no fpat upon them at that time, they tinned not per- verfely, nor did they lie impenitently in fin ; Chrififanítifieth and cleanfeeb his Churchwith the wafhingofwater by the word, that he may prefent it to himftlf a glorious Church, not havingfpot or wrin.le,, or any fach thing, but that it Jhouldbe holy and without blemifh, Ephef. 5 26, 27.. Thirdly, Many ùnderfland it of a thane-fpot , which is the con= fequent offin. Thou (halt lift up thyface without fpot , that is De ruborir ob' thou flak not be aflta ned to lift up thy face, or when thotiPùdorem non lifteft up thy face; thou (halt-have dear and free acceflle to God, autem de pac- eati rNacula to- No cloud [hall fit upon thy fpirit to interrupt communion with pharem intelli- him. gore exigit fa- Hence Obferve, ciel elevatio. BolinefJreoflife andpurity ofconfcience, caufe boldneffe andcon. Bold. fa- fidence in our approaches to God. Elevare ciecta nm fne mar= The ApontePeter chargeth husbands,to dwell with their WTves:c,ihil atiud according to knowledge, andas being heirs ofthefamegrace of life, ell puam nil that their prayers be not hindred, r Pet. 3.7. Uneven or finfull cor.fcire fihi walking in any relation, hinders prayer three waies. Firíl, It n,. °lIa paltefcere deads our fpirits, fireightens our hearts weakens our gifts for`ulp`l' id. Secondly, It hinders the eff,:a, fruit and fuccefl'e of rai- d.. Thirdly It hinders us from the very aa, it.breeds a f}range- P neffe