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1 Chap.-rt. ..An Expofition upon' the Book,of J O B: Verf.i 6. after- reckoningsofevil. That the Ifraelites were delivered from thofeEgyptian taskmafters , was very fweet, but to fee them at their heels and upon their backs again was exceeding bitter fence the Lord to relieve themfrom thofe thoughts gave them this afurance by t llofes (Exod. t 4.13 .) The Egyptians whom ye have feen today , ye (hall fee them again no morefor ever ; It is not fogreat a loffe not to fee , as it is a troublé to fee what we would :ot ; The King of Ba&ylon flew the Eons of Zedekiah before his eyes , before heput out his eyes (Ter. 39. 6, 7. doubtlefl'e the putting ofhis eyes to that ufe , pained him more then the putting of them out. Now as it is amifery worfe then blindneffe , to fee that which grieves us , fo it is a mercy as good as fight it fel f, not to fee what wouldgrieve its ; efpecially to receive a faithfull pro- mile , that we fhall fee it again no more for ever. And as it adds efts to the afflictionofa man in mifery , to remember that hebath en- fuigáalicem. friends and good daies , which he (hall not enjoy nor fee again any more for ever. So it adds to the comfort ofa man en- compaifed about with mercies to remember he bath endured forrows and been oppreffed by enemies , which we (hall not en- dure nor be opprefledby , no nor fee again any more for ever. This is the priviledge oftheSaints , in reference to that greateft enemy fin, they remember their as waters that are paffed away ; they [hall never return to hurt them , much lefl'e to con- demn them. Thus to remember our fins on earth is a piece of heaven , and will be a great part ofour happineffe in heaven ; where weihall fay in higheft triumph andexultation of fpirir,con- cerning fin and Satan, death and forrow, or whatfoever.hath the face, or deferves towear the nameof a myfticall Egyptian, Thefe Egyptians whom we have feen and felt fo often in the dales of our mortality, we íha11 not feel, no nor fo muck as fee them again any more for ever. ìl J0 8