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2 Chap. ti, efln Pxpoftion upon the Boob,of JOB. Ver£ Watchman., and his additional)title Naamathite,pleafant or beaks. tifull in the originali. The matter ofhis anfwer may be confdered Firft , Inthe Preface. Secondly In the body ofit. The exordium or preface is contained in the three firft verfe The body ofhis anfwer in the following parts of the Chapter a wherein three things are clear ; I.A generali propofition, containing the matter in debate; or the,potition which Zophar puts upon Yob, ás his, and takes up on himfelf to confute., as erroneous. This he layes down in the 4th verfe , Thouhart faid, t`Yly doïtrine is pure, andIam clean in thine eyes. 2. We have the confutation of this pofation,enlarged , from. the S. verfe to the 12. 3. Zophar having-(hewed Yob his errour , and , as he hoped, convinced him of it, proceeds to givehim counfell, and clofeth the Chapter with inflruétion. He tnfifteth in the fame method andtreads thefame path that Eliphaz and Rddad had done be- , fore 5 , chiding and reproving job., then counfelling and ad- viIng'brim Zophars preface prefents us with a three -foldneceffity, eng ging him to this reply. Quid verbolùs Firit, From that multitude ofwords which 7ób had alread, ad fiecasdam heaped together for the colouring (as he judged it) of a bad matam eau- caufe , verfe z. Shouldnot the multitude ofwords be anfwered ? aged o'' jhoulda manfulloftalkbejulliiéd ? Is it riot high time that I (hould (peak a little when thou haft had time to fpeakfo much ? .uòd mancdox- Secondly ,He argues this necefíity from the falfìty ofwhat Yob ad eb Mate had fpoken , in the firfl chufeof the third verfe , Should thy lies au`nc make men hold their peace ? It is thy fiinne , that thou haft fpo- dami rau:x}t, ken lies, and it would be mine, if I fhould not fpeak againft them. Putd irrifo} Thirdly , from the fcorn and levity offpirit, which Zophar std c,nternnan- fuppofed he faw frothing at the lips of Yob, When thou mockejt, etsr versa ad 9a10nit1Qfl?S ,all noman make thee ajhamed ?' It were the flame ofall men, if Zt- Jadendusnque none fhould. Thou ajt fitting in the fcornets chair, Shall I be a; . 3ee Z' homini- fraid to raife thee up , or pull theedown ? So then, The preface may be formed up into this Argu? .. _. ruent 5 i!lant