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, 22 Chap. t "I. An Expefttion upon the->3ook of J_O B. Verf. 4 But doe we not finde Paul More then once maintaining his own integrity ? Saith he not I have live?.n all good con f ience be- fore God usual this day , AEI. z ;. i. Saith he not ? 1am not mad, mail noble Feflus , -butfpeak.forth the words oftruth andfoberneJJè, Alt, z6. 24. Whenwe areaccufed and.called to anfwer , we may fay, Our doctrine is pure,when his; and, that we are clear,,when we are. In fuch a cafe, not to teflifie the truth for our felves, is nearas bad , as teteflifie a faifhood againft another. And in any cafe to give a wrong teflimohy of our felves is worfe then to give it of another. The .finite -is thegreater , by howmuch the perfon againft whom we finny is ,nearer to tts and everyman is.nearefl to hula felf. ca;'n.niateris Thou halffaid ; Andwhat laid he ? My doïtrine is pure , and d h ec verbafont am clean in thyfight. Diversof the Ancients upon this placechal- v on verttatem iufEttiam lenge Zophar of Hander and calumniation , for faftning this .re- prefeiuentis port or fame upon Job. One is.very _angry with him , How is it iieda. pcfiible (faith he) that Job fhould be imagined torife to fuck a i17on ita dixit pitch offelf-confidence,or to fpeak at fuch a rate of fpiritual pride, tantum dixit when he teflifies (Chap. 9. zo. If I jesfa°ifie my fell, mine own _f Heronm anouth(hall condemnme, ifIfay1 amperfect, it all al o prove me ed. Hieron. f Ineademfen- perverfe. ;And though Job faid , I am not wicked, yet he laid not, untia funs 1 am clean. The difference'.is great between a denial! of wicked- Cregorius C nes , anda prefümption of cleannes. Thefe two cannot expound Chryfofi. each other : He that prefumes he is clean,, denies he is wicked : Yet he that denies he is wicked may be far enough from affirm- ing, that he is clean. Such confeduences have more uncharita- bienes then logickin them , and can hardly expect fo much cha- rity, as to acquit them from.flander. But l dare not put an intendment of hander upon Zophars account. That's too, deep , and mere then can-be juflified. For, though Job fpake not thus, in fo many fyllables, yet to that effe&è: he had Ipoken; words had pall from him, which might give, at leafs a.colourable., pretence for fuch a charge. And Zophar Teems (in one .tefpeEt) to-deal better with Job then his other friends ; for he.còlleeçs the matter upon which he minded todebate with him , and laieth it down in an entire propolition , This is the thing thou haft faid, 41ydaftrine is pure.andIam clean inhis fipht, When or where laid he fo ? Some fettle it upon that ( Chap. 6. verf. r e.) I have net concealed the words ofthe holy One ; that is, (as