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Chap. iI. An E'xpof:tion upon the Book of J OB. Vert: 4, r. In oppofition to the opinion which men had of him : As if ' he had laid, In the fight ofmen I am filthy and unclean, an hypo- criteand wicked: my friends judge me fo, but, d am clean its thine eyes. :. 1Ám clean in thine eyes; that is , in the generali bent of my fpirit , in the common tenour of my heart and life ; Though I have my failings , yet mycourfe is holy. Denomination is taken from the better and greater part. 3. 1 am clean, &c. that is , in reference to the fpeciall charge, which my friends lay upon me ; they fay I am an hypocrite,Lord, I am cleanfrom that in thine eyes. Thus David (Plat. 18. 24.) Therefore bath the Lard recompenfedme according to myrighteouf -- neffe, according to the cleannejJeofmy hands in hie eye-fight. The fame Comment will ferve Davids Text and jobs. David was not in a conteflation with the juflice of God upon his own integrity, but upon a vindication ofhis integrity from the injuflice and jea- loufies ofmen. Hence we mayobferve (which is a feemingcontradiction.) Woman is clean in Gods fight , Sonic menare clean in Gods fght. Noman is clean in Gods fight, that is, in himfelf or ofhimfelf, yob 44. q.. Whocan bring a clean thing out of an unclean? Every man is hewen from acorrupt flock, and therefore is corrupt , Be- hold the heavens arenot clean inhisfight,Job 15.15 .Tea he chargeth:' hisangels with folly (Chap.4.I 8.) How great then is the folly of that man, who upon his own account difchargeth himfelf of folly, in the fight of God ? Yet a believer may fay he is clean in the fight ofGod. I. Clean perfectly by the grace of juflification. So believers in this lift are, as having no fpot or wrinkle imputed to them,though many fpots and wrinkles remaining on them , the cleanneffe of Chrifl,is clean in the eyes ofGod; and that is the Saints cleannefs. 'Tis theirs for their ufe, though not in their propriety. 2. Clean alto in the fight of God through the grace of fanCtifi= cation ; God gives and fees, as a defire of, fo an endeavour after imiverfall , praelicail cleanneffe in them that are juflified. A be- lievers way in this world is clean from crimes, though not from fins. Ifanymanfayhe bathnofin, truth is not inhim; and ifany man commitfinne',grace is not in him í Job. 3.8,9..¡Sin lives ina clean- perfon ; but he that is clean lives not in any finne. And E 3 this