Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v4

QM AÑ "" Pt tA teil N,t Uri, tL1 tÑn A tt til Q,Qt 44f aIl 4,,, A N' !EXPOSITIONI WITH ern Pra&icall Obfervations ; kt- CONTINUED Upon the Eleventh, Twelfth, Thirteenth' and. Fourteenth Chapters of the Book of JOB. 4NBeing 'the flume of XXXV. Loures, deli- ry . S~y vered at Magnus near the Bridge, London l i By JOSEPH CARYL Preacher of the Word, and ;,:1` Pallor of the Congregation there. y 4sb e 'HEBREWS Chap. 12. Verf 7, r T. w- 4 Ifye endure chaflening, Cod dealeth with yon as with rolls, for 1 what fon is he whom thefather chaffeneth not ? _SNow no chaflening for the prefent Teenier/3 to bejoyous bat grievous : é,. i 2Tvhthelefs afterward teyieldèth the peaceableifruit of righte- r.4. oufeefs, to them which are exercifed therein.,, fer L O N D O , Printed for 7homas saivbridge, and are to be fold at the Golden Lyon in Duck-lane near Smithfield, r6; o.