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5a Chap: 11. 4nExpoftion tapon the Book of J B. Verf.6. God is faid to forget fin , or to remember it no more , when he fully pardons it : So he may be laid to forget fin , when he doth not fully punifh it. When meet ignorance hinders man from fee ing, meer mercy hinders God from Peeing. He is pleafed to wink , when we cannot fet. Whenmen have notmatch underflanr ding what to doe, Cod bath not much memory ofwhat they doe. ; that is , He doth not ftrìaly reckon with them , or bring them to an account for what they have done. Though a fin of ignorance is damnable in it Pelf, and may condemn thefrnner, yet the Lord puts a difference between fins committed ignorantly and know- ingly, in the dark and in the light, between thofe which are committed agiinít the light ofnature only, and thofe committed againft Gofpel- light. Thus the prefent Expofition carries it, s'cit. quoit . Know , O fob , that god handles thee , as ifhe hadforgottenor were Deus remifr ignorant ofthine iniquity. Which interpretation a learned Writer tibipartem iur- makes his tranflationof the Text , Know therefore that godbath gurrarum rua remitted p art o f thine iniquity. rum. Vatali. öblirur, A third renders, Know therefore that God herb deferred thine in rtnminiqurta- igaity , he hath put it afide for a time, and bath not called thee to ris tux deaf- a prefent anfwer. Deferring is a temporary forgetting ; when a rimdtftulir. man doth willingly forget a thing he intends not to take a aria Tygur, or füdden account of it, as when he forgets unwillingly or thorow infirmity, he cannot take any account ofit at all. seiro quoi There is yet a fourth interpretation given from this fenfe of obinics efg tui the word , Know therefore that Godbathforgotten thee becaufe of Deus inover thine iniquity ; and fo the forgetfulneffe"lies upon fobs perfon, and iniquitatem. not upon Yobs fin ; Thou complaineft that God regards thee nor, hears not thy cry, attends not to thyprayer, haflens not in with relief and fuccour in this thy, fadcondition, Know that godforgets, thee , and he hath reafon to do fo , Heforgets thee becaufe ofthine iniquity, God forgets thofe who have forgotten him, 'I'rov.i . 2Y. Thenpall they call upon me , but 1 willnot anfwer,they'hall feJ ne early but they 'hall not'rode me. But hath not the Lord promifed to anfwer when we call, yea to anfwer before we call ? Hath he not promifed to be found of thofe that Peek him , yea to be found of thofe who Peek him not ? Why then are thefe earneft furors re- je&ed unanfwered ? The caufe was in themfelves, They bated ksoyvledge therefore God would not know them , They would none ofhis counfels, thereforehe would noneof their prayers. God put them in mind , but they forgot him , therefore they put God in