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A TABLE, Direaing to fome fpecial Points noted in the precedent¡ J ( E dl O s i 7.l O LB . A ACcepting ofperfons what itis, p. 337. To accept ! perrons perverts justice, p179. How we may belaid to accept the perfon of God, p. 380, It is a very provoking fin, p.395. Four things Pew it, ibid. Afflictions are the defert offin, Fos 3. eArll the affllfionsof this life are lets then fin deferves,P.S 3 , 54. Affluions bleffd by God work a gracious change, p. 91. They have three advantages for it, p.9%. Afi Lion layes thebelt men open to difefteem, ibid. Af- fRion layette us open to cenipta tion, p.193. Men at eafe are apt to defpife thofe who are affl'etedï p.195. It is veryfinfnll to do fo, p.r96. /tagreat affiiéionc we are apt to afitl oar (elves moie , p. 427. All afíf:elions are not aline grievous, 485. How we may pray A for the withdrawing ofafil Rion' p.488. AfiEtionsbitter things P.531' Amen , with whatfirength of fpirit it jhould be uttered, p.108. Rabbins give three rules about laying Amen, p.109. Anger a bitter thing,efpecially the anger ofClod, p.529,530. Answer, It is a duty to anfwer what is fpoken. How a fool muff and malt not be anfwered, p.6. Apot}les , how faire are called chiefamong the ApoIles, p.170. Application of truths is very neceffary, p.4S Affes colt,man likeawilde affes colt in three things, p.87,88. Aífurance`of faith., hope, love and tander(landingopened, n.4.76. What affurance is, ibid. & 477. Obje lions u ainft affurance anf- wered, p.478 Haw a right affu- R.r r r < rance