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-.,.:.------- To the Reader. , Cher with the intrinfecalexcellency andefficacy ofthe matter, '(in both Which it declares it Pelf a glorious beam of hiswif d®rne, who is light and the father of lights) but alto by the concurrent Yefiimony of, not few, other scriptures. for , as the Hiflory ofit (that fucha manwas) hath a fallProphetical teflimonyby Ezekiel (chap. 3-4. 14. ) and an Apo.Ftolical one by S. James (chap. 5. r r.) Ye have heard of the patience of Tab, and have feen the end of the Lord: So the Authentity and Authority, of it is clearly alerted by S. Paul, calling in and ofociating the 7eflimony ofthis Bookwith Davids Pfalms,to that great triith.,that,The: wifedome ofthis world is foolifhneffe withGod. For, Though it Both not argue a Bookpurelydivine, be- saufe force fentence of it is quoted in scripture (for fo the Books ofAratus, Menander and Epimenides Heat henPoets are) yet flitch a manner ofquotation as the Book oflob is ho- noured with , rs an undoubted argument of it. while Paul quotes thewritings ofthe Heathen, hefliegbts thofe Heathen writers , with As certain alto ofyour own Poets have faid , for we are alfo his offpring, Act. r7. z8. winda- gain ; One of themfelves, even a Prophet of their own , faid , The Cretians are always lyars , evil bea fs , flow bellies,Tit. I. it. Hemakes ufeofwhat another ofthemPaid, . without raying any thing at all of him, Evill communica- tions corrupt good manners (s Cor. 15. 33. ) but when he cites, this rook,hcsloth in the fame formwherein moll ofthe hooks ofthe old 7'oflament are cited in the new , givinghis citation the. viilue ofa reafon, in reference to the point he was upon, with anemphatical caufalparticle, For it is written, he taketh the wife in their own craftineffe, r Cor. 3.19. which are ,the words nr iiphaz indho5th. chapter f this Book,ver. '13. New, as when God took the fire-fruits, he confecrated and favelifed the whole kindof which thofefarofruitswere apart,fo where he takes anypart ofaBook asanauthoritative scripture proof he confirms that whole Book for Scripture. And