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Chap. I t . ale Expofition upon the Book. of JOB. Verf. g. Thirdly, Note, Godis not only in, but above andbeyond all creatures. He is higher then heaven , and deeper thenhell. )So the Hebra- ifine) 2 Chron.2. 6. Who is able to build hima houfe (faith Solo- mon) feeing the heaven, and heavenofheavens cannot containhim? God hath given a limit to every thing, but himfelfhath none. He that made all things cannot be circurnfcribed by the things which he hath made. Man makes a houfe,and there he dwelleth,his houfe flints him in. God hath made a houfe big enough for all crea- tures, but not big enough for himfelf, The heaven, and the heavers ofheavens cannot contain him, howmuch lef this houfe which I have builded, faith the fame Solomon ? The heaven of heavens is the higheft heaven, the chiefeft heaven, the thirdheaven, the heaven compiling and containing all thofe heavens which we behold. That heaven which containeth the heavens ; cannot contain the God ofheaven. (t Ktng.8. z7.) God is a pear whofe center is everywhere, andwhofe circumference is no where. Fourthly, Obferve, All that is done in the world,is done bÿ the ordering or over- ruling bandofGod. God ufeth means ; but himfelf is prefent with all the means he ufeth and aCts inevery thing thatails ; He that is e- very where can as well do all, as any one thing. Aman who hath many bufneffes to do at the fame time in many places-cannot at- all , and gives the reafon , Doc you think I can be every whe& fIwas infuch aplace, could 1 be in this too ? Carnall minds think it a ftrange doCtrine to affirm , That God doth all things, and that there is not anymotion in thecreature, but God is in it. But what difficulty is there in this when we have oncedigefted this principle, That God is every where ? He that is higher then hea- ven, anddeeper then hell, &c. isready at every turn to do what is done. Kings fend their Vicegerents and Deputies, whodo their. work , while themfelves are abfent. Kings are not in the means and with the means which they imploy , and that's the reafon why inftruments work often focontrary to the minde of Kings, They not-being aítually prefent with them, cannot over-rule and order them. But God being prefent with all inftruments and fe- cond caufes that are awork in the whole world , orders them all by his foveraign will. They who aft againft the revealed will of God, are yet order'd by his fecret will. There is nothing done K z again(}