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Chap. u. .An ExpofLion upon the Book of 10 B. ° ' Vert. ró. are fafe , But who can go out ofGods bounds ? (Amos 9. 3, 4.) Though they dig into hell thence 'hall my handtake-then; though theyclimb up to heaven thence will Ibring theta down, though they hide themfelves in the tóp ofCarmel , Iwillfearch thent"; and teks them out thence, &c. And Pfd. í 39. 7, 8, Whither fhall Igofrom thyprefence ? IfIafcendup into heaven thou art there, ifImake my bed in hell, behold thou art there, if I take the wines ofthe morning, anddwell in the uttermoft parts ofthe fea, even therefhall thy hand lead me, and thyright hand(halt hold me, &c. There is no avoiding the juflice of God , for there is no avoiding the prefence of God. He path power to arrefl and attach àmalefa.`lour where ever he findes him, and he can finde him whereever he is ; Though he fleeth , yet he (hall not fleeaway, and though he efcapeth yet he../hall not be delivered (Amos 9. r.) that is, though he thinks he bath efcaped, yet I (faith the Lord) will overtake himquickly, and my'fentence (hall be executed upon him. Thus the workings of God , and his wifdom are comparedunto, and exceed all the di- menfions of the creature; he is aboveand beyond all their perfe- &ions, therefore unfearchable, therefore net to be found out unto perfeElion. Zophar from the infinite wifdomof God , defcends to argue his Soveraignty, and the uncontroulablenes of his power. Verfe r a. Ifhe cut off, andfnit up, andgather together, then who can hinder him ? As if he had raid The Lord is in all places , and wherefoever he comes he is within his own Dominions ; it is ponible for the greaten Prince in the world to travel out of the bounds of his own power. The chief Officer ofa City bath great power within that City but beyond he cannot meddle. Kings have great power within theirown Dominions but get into another coun- trey, and they cannot teach you : Should a King arc his Authori- ty beyond his limits , many would hinder him , no man would obey him. But wherefoever God as his 'authority ; he is in his own kingdom , for all the world is his Therefore none elm hin- der him. This Zophar (brews in three aL$s of Soveraignty, If he I. cut off, z. flint up, 3.gather together, who can hinder if he cut off: P.?1.1 The word frgnifies to change and alter . m c to put things into â- items fx cind K 3 pother